One Man or Woman with God

Throughout the church history, God raised many individuals to usher in revivals in the churches and the nations. During revivals God accomplishes more in hours or days than usually results from years of faithful evangelistic ministry. Though revival involves preaching and evangelism to some extent, revival is far more than evangelism. During the early years of 20th century, revival fires broke out in Wales and many places in England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, India, Korea, Manchuria, China, Japan, Australia, Madagascar, Norway, parts of South America and the Caribbean islands. In the middle of this century, God sent revival to some of the American Christian colleges and outpoured His Spirit on some of the Hebrides islands.

The grand Old Testament prophet Elijah is symbolic of a revivalist. Elijah stood up in the midst of the people steeped in worship of Baal, and cried, The God who answers by fire, he is God (1 Kings 18:24). Elijah prayed a simple prayer, O Jehovah, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, let it be known today that you are God when the holy supernatural fire of God descended from the heaven and burned up the sacrifice, wood, stones and dirt and evaporated the water in the trench. When God pours out His revival fire on the earth, it burns up things that are not of God.

The ever first revival under the New Testament is recorded in the 2nd chapter of Acts, when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples of Jesus for the first time in the church history.

Study of the church history shows that one lone man or one lone woman, totally surrendered to God, burning with passion for the lost souls and with a hunger for revival in the churches, had turned the tide against the evils in the churches, in the governments and the lives of the people. One prayer warrior by the grace of God can be used to turn the tide and prepare the way for a mighty revival. Why cannot you be such a vessel of God?