Welcome to the Workshop!!

This public Google Site is yours to access ANY TIME you need to remember or share the details about the workshop offered by Purdue University Calumet and UMass Boston. 
As you will see in this workshop, we are openly sharing ALL the work we have done.  We will help you share your work by creating web-based public projects.
The Workshop in Advancing Computation Thinking (CT) via Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) brings to you a new way to think about teaching based on the experience of a two year research grant project in Information Technology (IT) funded by the NSF CPATH grant (NSF CCF 0939089).
Workshop Agenda (short summary)
    • Day 1 Afternoon
      • Group Practice (see Powerpoint attachment) 
      • Sharing our Research Experience
        • Database Scenario:  Quick-Help-Desk Inc. developed by Ivy Tech
        • Website  Development Scenario: Student Web Developers Group  by Jennifer Werner of PUC/Community Health Systems of Indiana
        • PC Security Scenario: IT Consulting Team by ASSECT Group 
    •  Day 3
      • Peer Review
      • Education technology scavenger hunt: How can you improve your scenarios and give your students more options?
      • Work on Deliverables 4 and 5 in Scenario Building Activity Site
    • Day 4 Morning
      • Peer review of scenario sites
    • Day 4 Afternoon
      • Work on Deliverables 6 and 7 and begin wrapping up Scenario Building
      • Wrap up scenarios and revise as needed
Jenny Werner,
Jul 28, 2014, 8:46 AM
Jenny Werner,
Aug 3, 2014, 1:59 PM