Some more sites with Scripture and prolife info; and some of my paintings,sketches sites

These sites below were stolen FROM ME via fraud. treachery, &cybercrime: 

Leaving these sites up that were stolen by when they scammed me in 2009 and stole my original photographs,my original words written by me [w/ RN knowledge] on a moodle cms site,and scammed me for $1000 over 4 months time. They stole domains of mine and the accompanying emails of them [to prevent me from regaining control of them],and they stole money from my bank account for four months after they maliciously stole my content on website;and,photographs,entire albums of my original photographs of my original paintings I painted, and they stole original poems and prose and entire websites with the domains. they are crooks--do not ever do business with them.

Some of the domains and websites  paid for by me personally that of Pennsylvania stole by using billing account info to steal a paypal acct and emails, and domains,albums.words that were my copyrighted created works: [this is the site that was hacked into by criminals during the past Presidential election after I posted criciticism of Obama] [with some of my sketches showing] [some of my genre photography is on this site] [some of my sketches] [entitled Glory to GOD in the Highest] [entitled I am Christian and what that means]

and others;



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About my domain of that was stolen from me via theft of U.S. mail addressed to me and to my LLPs of words that WORK,LLP® and Life Media & Publishing LLP® because published willingly and knowingly the wrong address for it for two years in an effort to help the gay and lesbian movement commit cybercrime and fraud to further their goals of perversion forced upon school kids and they used that fool second exhusband of mine to do their evil. But of course they were also pawns too since the real goal was to prevent the catholic church from having to pay restitution to all the minors their so-called priests molested.  Read that at: