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Art Mini-camps spaces still open

Summer art camps for 2 age groups: 4 1/2-7 & 7-13.  Registration in person or by phone at the WB MUD 
at 512-251-9814 or visit them at 3000 Shoreline Dr. Online registration is open with active net.  
Spots still open for this camp Aug 9-11. Call 512-251-9814 to enroll. Age 8-12  https://www.facebook.com/woodenitbewonderful/videos/1210618802289859/

Junior artist sessions (age 7 1/2 or completed 1st grade-age 12)  Each day begins with a  review of art prints, library books, guest artists, and use the internet to tour museum collections and types of art not available to us locally.  Students will decide what they like or not, discuss different artists and art topics and how artists created their art then we will create our projects. 

June 14-16 #Way out in Space-we'll create a galaxy with pastels,  create space ships, make glittering moon rocks,  FULL  

June 21-23 Not your usual paintings-From the battle of the sunflowers (Monet vs VanGough) to cave art we'll explore and see how the artists created the effects. FULL 
June 28-30  Stars & stripes (July 4th) We will work on lots of patriotic themed projects including a float for the WB parade on July 4th 
FULL Waitlist available
July 12-14  Drawing & painting animals and moreWe are going to draw cartoon dogs, a cat,
paint a guitar, learn to create clouds and waterfalls,  and a martian 
or winged fairies.  They will do a Georgia O’Keefe landscape and glass painting. We’ll pull out  charcoals, pastels,
great paints and have fun with them.
 FULL Waitlist available  Our Art guitars
August 2-4  Lets imagine it/ lets make it  (Our version WACKY science) we will explore our creativity and make things that move and interact like the rolling thunder explosion and structures that bend, kaleidoscopes, spinning things, pouring things. spot  available 
August 9-11 Design it and make it-- -bags and mosaics and jewelry and more. We’ll create our own and decorate the results 
Beginning Artists Sessions (age 4 1/2 going into Kindergarten-7)
The beginning artists will break several times during the morning for a story and snack or drink so send a bag with your kids to keep them going. We may view a video or two as well.
ne 21-23  Painting and drawing a sampler-Painting and drawing a sampler-We will spend the week drawing and painting using fun tools and media like pastels, watercolors and texture paints. We’ll mix colors and more.
July 19-21  Artistic fun with Foods-would it be more fun to eat a salad if it were a train or a skeleton? we will eat some of our art at the end of each day— FULL  Waitlist available
August 2-4  Wild n Waacky Arty science We will make our own fossils, investigate colorful chemical interactions, create crystals, make our own clays, and explore color   FULL  Waitlist available

Fee: $45/week  all supplies and materials included
* Ratio of teachers to students  1:6
 Registration in person or by phone at the WB MUD 
at 512-251-9814 or visit them at 3000 Shorline dr

Beginning Artists  Limit 18
Ages: 4 1/2-7 (or going into Kindergarten/ - 1st gr)
Hours: 9-11:30 am Tue-Wed-Thur
Junior Artists  Limit 18
Ages: 7 1/2-12 (must have completed 1st grade)
Hours: 12 -3:30 pm  

registration: WB MUD

You may want to look at my blog for last summer to see some of the projects we did. http://wonderfulartsncrafts.blogspot.com/