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SC11 BOF: Developing, Recruiting, and Retaining a Diverse Workforce in HPC

Join us this year at SC11 in Seattle, WA.

  While the majority of people are in principle supportive of efforts to increase the population of underrepresented groups in high-performance computing, few know how to do so in practice. In this BOF we will present concrete advice from people who have been successful at recruiting and retaining students, postdocs, and employees from diverse backgrounds. We will begin with a discussion of the challenges that underrepresented minorities face in the HPC workplace, including challenges unique to the field, and examine practices that can be implemented to alleviate these challenges. The panelists, representing academic, industrial, and laboratory HPC workplaces, will present ideas and strategies that have met with success. The session will continue with a Q&A session and an open discussion. In this BOF, we hope to empower employers and supervisors in the HPC field with the tools to create a work or educational environment where people of all types can flourish.

TIME: 12:15PM - 1:15PM

SESSION LEADERS:Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Samantha Foley, Judith Hill

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