2014 Telecon-8

16 June 2014, 12-14 UTC


- Welcome

- DOI and PID (Julian, Oleg)

- Presentation

- QA/QC flags (Martin, Tony)

- Changes at WDCA and WOUDC and implications for metadata exchange (Markus and Tony)

- Progress on liaising NADP and CAPMON with GAW and GAWSIS (Van; Geir for SSC)

- Update on GAWSIS and OSCAR (Jörg)

- Report from metadata meeting in Jülich (Martin and Jörg; Geir for SSC)

- Data and metadata access at WRDC (Anatoly)

- Open action items from Tokyo meeting (+ older ones on web site!!)

- Any other business

- Next telecon: 21 August 2014 12-14 UTC