The WMO/CAS OPAG-EPAC Expert Team on World Data Centres (ET-WDC) was formally established in 2006 by CAS-XIV [1] but has a history of activities that dates back to the 1990s. The chair of the ET-WDC is a member of the OPAG EPAC Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), the steering body of the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) programme. This expert team meets every 1-2 years and holds teleconferences 2-4 times per year to discuss issues of data management, and data access, metadata handling and exchange, data archiving, links to WIGOS and the WMO Information System (WIS), etc.


[1] WMO (2006), Commission for Atmospheric Sciences : fourteenth session, Cape Town, 16-24 February 2006, abridged final report with resolutions and recommendations (WMO No. 1002), World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/arep/cas/documents/CAS_14_E.pdf