Welcome to the Wisconsin Burners Site!
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Latest News: IDES OF MARCH PARADE coming March 15th! The Parade kicks off at 7pm at the Uptowner, 1032 E. Center Street, Milwaukee. 

We will participate, and build interesting costumes and props! 
TWO Build Nights have been set aside: Sunday March 4th starting 6pm, and Sunday March 11th starting 6pm. The Build Nights will be at the BurningSNOW Center, 2578 N. Weil Street, Milwaukee.

Open House/ meetings/ classes continue every Sunday 7pm at BurningSnow Center!


   **************************************GENERAL INFO********************************************
The Burning Man culture exists year-round in Wisconsin through local meetings, events, and a spirit of innovation and information exchange. Since 2001 the Wisconsin Regional Contact office has helped connect the Wisconsin area to the Burning Man culture. We have many resources for you.
  • Need info about Burning Man? Get in touch with your Wisconsin Regional Contacts, Eric and Marilyn, at  wisconsin@burningman.org
  • Our Calendar keeps you up-to-date about Burner events in the area.
  • Our Discussion Group lets you talk to the other Burners across Wisconsin and share ideas. Why not sign up now?
  • The BurningSNOW Center in Milwaukee is a year-round community meeting place with interactive art, participatory events, workshops,"build parties" and more. 
  • Snowflake Village, established in 2001, helps connect Wisconsin, Great Lakes, and world artists to the big event in the desert. 
  • We do roving meet-n-greet events around the State for Burners to meet and mingle. Want one in your town? Contact us.