2024 Annual General Meeting & presentation

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Welcome to the website of Wirral Footpaths and Open Spaces Preservation Society

The Society was formed in 1888 and works to preserve our footpath and open space heritage by

regular inspections 

cutting back and clearing undergrowth

removing obstructions

assisting with signing and way marking

influencing official policy

advising on revisions to Definitive Maps

publishing promotional material

organising and leading walks

The Society needs your support to ensure that the paths in the Hundred of Wirral are walked regularly and that any problems are reported to the local authorities concerned.

Do this from your armchair by becoming a member or by  walking with the Society 

   -   maintaining paths, stiles and footbridges with us

   -   always following the Countryside Code

   -   alerting the Society to threats to open spaces and footpaths in your area.

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For further information contact the Secretary at   wirralfootpathsosps@gmail.com 

Wirral Footpaths and Open Spaces Preservation Society is a Registered Charity, No. 512633.