Morris sides

The Mayfest has a wonderful collection of display sides, mostly dancing some of the various forms of Morris.

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Morris dancing is an English tradition.  Note English, not British or Scots or Welsh, nor American, though there are many sides around the world who now dance this style, it remains as originating in England.  So what better place to see Morris dancing than in Winchester, the capital of Wessex, home of Kind Alfred, where England first began to become a country.  King Alfred defended Wessex against the Danes, then joined with Mercia and his son King Edward then pushed the Danes north and so instead of our country being called Daneland, it became England.

Above you can see the Mayor Winchester enthusiastically watching the dancing and below are the sides coming in 2017.  Click on the picture to see more information and each group.






Bloodstone Morris


Clausentum Morris


Customs and Exiles


Deorfrith Morris


Ellington Morris


Fishbourne Mill


Fleur de Lys


Garston Gallopers


Hobo's Morris


Hook Eagle Morris Men


Hurst Morris People


Knickerbocker Glory


Minden Rose




New Forest Meddlars



Quayside Cloggies


Red Stags


Sarum Morris


Southern Lights


Sweet Rapper


Taeppa’s Tump


Wickham Morris


Wight Bells


Winchester Morris Men