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Far Cry 3 Best settings for video card HD 7850 2GB 256 bits

Far Cry 3 optimized for HD 7850
 Best settings for video card ATI Radeon HD 7850 2GB
Hello. You have a video card HD 7850 too ? or you have plans to buy one in future and you want to play video game Far Cry 3 ? Then you need to know that with this card you can`t play the game at maximum settings.
To play Far Cry 3, you need at least 50 FPS this is my opinion.
How to get 50 FPS without losing to many visual graphics details ?
First go to Settings, Video and set your native resolution for example 1920x1080 , V-sync set it to OFF , GPU Max buffered frames 1 , DirectX 11, MSAA ANTI-Aliasing OFF , ALPHA to Coverage Enhanced and SSAO Method HDAO

Then go to Video Quality and set to HIGH
Done ! Now you will get at lease 60 FPS with these settings without losing too much graphics visual details !

See here the difference betwen OUR setting and Ultra Settings
Our optimized graphics settings

Anti-Aliasing 8X

Anti-Aliasing 8x and All settings to ULTRA
All 2 screenshots in one picture to see difference better
Optimized Graphics Settings vs AA 8X High vs AA 8X Ultra

Enjoy !

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