Far Cry 3 will run on my ATI AMD Radeon HD 4670 512Mb

AMD Radeon HD 4670 512Mb

Hello dear visitor. You need to know if your old video card AMD Radeon HD 4670 , will run the new video game Far Cry 3 with your video card ?
Or you want to buy a AMD Radeon HD 4670 to play Far Cry 3 ?
Then, the faster answer is yes, but first we recommend to optimize your windows for best performance before start play Far Cry 3 .
Step one is to scan your device for spyware with anti-spyware detector and cleaner (free) from here
Step two is to clean your operating system and registry to gain more speed and stability with this app
Third step is to defragment your hard driver with this tool (will take some time maybe hours)
Now the most important step is to install latest updated video drivers for your card, but you need to know how to uninstall old one and install new one in PROPER way  right here !
So , after do these steps, your card will run very good with 1280x1024 with Medium settings !
Remember ! If you don`t follow the steps, maybe your gameplay will be more slow.
In general , for questions like : far cry 3 will work on my AMD Radeon HD 4670 ? with medium or low settings far cry 3 will run with my video card AMD Radeon HD 4670 ?
The answer is YES with Medium settings and :
And lower resolution too.
See image for more details.
AMD Radeon HD 4670 512Mb