Track Plan

The Willow Creek model railroad is designed as a loop-to-loop configuration that operates using a point-to-point scheme. This combination provides a flexible track plan with an enjoyable operating scenario, facilitating both train and rail-car movements. The rail car ferry at Bucky's Crossing and the Spokane Staging Yard further enhance the flexibility and operating scheme by providing interchange points for moving cars/trains on and off the layout.

The Willow Creek Railroad track plan is shown in the image to the right. The plan is a loop-to-loop configuration, where the two reversing loops have been folded over on top of each other with approximately a 12-inch separation in height. The layout's 2% grade facilitates this separation.

The following diagram illustrates the Willow Creek track plan if you could grab hold of both reversing loops and pull the plan out straight. This diagram shows the reversing loops at each end of the layout and the insertion of Waverly Yard and the Spokane Staging Yard between the loops. Note that trains leaving Waverly Yard initially travel in the direction of Summit Springs, where they change direction towards Bucky's Crossing via the reversing loop. Similarly, trains leaving the Spokane Staging Yard initially travel to Bucky's Crossing, where they use the reversing loop to continue to Waverly (again, via the reversing loop at Summit Springs).

The Operating Scenario diagram on the Operations page illustrates this operating plan.

The following diagram shows the elevation and grades of the Willow Creek Railroad from Waverly to Spokane.