Available Produce

BEETS-Fresh beets are great roasted, steamed or pickled.

BROCCOLI-Fresh broccoli is great raw, steamed or make cream of broccoli soup.

CABBAGE-Fresh cabbage for coleslaw, cooked cabbage or added to soups, however you like to serve it.

CARROTS-Those great tasting carrots are easy to add to soups, roasts, steamed, roasted or raw on that veggie tray.

CAULIFLOWER-Cauliflower is great mixed with fresh broccoli in a cauliflower-broccoli salad or serve raw on your veggie tray. Roast it or steam it, it's a great addition to any meal.

BEANS- Yellow beans are finished for the year. We do have some green beans again.

KOHLRABI-Fresh kohlrabi just for snacking, your lunch or any time of day!

ONIONS- Sweet Candy onions are great on any sandwich, hamburger or in a salad. I use them in any dish for a nice flavor.

PEPPERS-Green peppers and purple peppers look so colorful on that fresh veggie tray, or any fresh salad. Stuffed peppers? Yes, they work for those also.

SWEET CORN-Fresh, crisp sweet corn is great on the grill, steamed in the microwave or however you choose to prepare it.

WINTER SQUASH- Acorn, buttercup, butternut, celebration (a hybrid acorn) and spaghetti squash now available. They are a great addition to your meal during the cooler fall and winter months.