Available Produce

Kohlrabi- Do you like fresh kohlrabi? Then you are in luck!  They are great just thinly sliced and eaten raw.  Some folks do like to cook them also. We currently only have the large Kossak kohlrabi.

Peas- Fresh peas-in-the-pod are now ready!!  Great for snacking or meal time! (Temporarily out)

Michigan Blueberries-Those tasty refreshing MI blueberries are back for another season!  They are so delicious and healthy for you as well.

Broccoli- Try some fresh broccoli for dinner tonight.  Oh so tasty and good for you too!

Cauliflower- Fresh cauliflower is always great for a veggie tray or to include for a dinner entre'.  (Temporarily out)

Slicing cucumbers- You know the summer season is progressing when the cucumbers start showing up!  The slicing cukes are really nice and taste wonderful! Pick some up for dinner tonight!