Personal Space Spritzers

Designed as aids to meditation and space clearing,they are ideal for yoga practice, contemplation, and when ever one feels the need to be more grounded and centered. These properties also make them a "travel partner in a bottle"and are great for use in hotel rooms and after-flight stress relief.

Based in hydrosols (aka hydrolates aka floral waters ) and infused with pure essential oils,these sprays are 100% natural,containing the wonderful  beneficial powers of nature.

Whole Heart Spritzer

Whole Heart Spritzer

A fabulous heart tonic on all levels.Floral,spicy, and lovely, it's gentle aroma envelopes and charms as it balances and centers spirit within its mist.This spritzer would also work well to mist the pillows before retiring and drifting off into dream time.
Power Source Spritzer

Power Source Spritzer

Is aptly named as I find its exotic ingredients really open the door to sacred space.

Frankincense and Sandalwood are two ingredients which have been used for centuries in holy ceremony.
 these two oils are balanced  by the light quality of Lemon for a refreshing and uplifting feel.                                      
Calm'n Ground Spritzer

Calm'n Ground Spritzer

Calm'n Ground -my personal favorite, as it brings the forest to me when I can't get to the forest.

The towering strength of the conifers is both grounding and elevating! Good as an addition to your work space survival kit to de-stress and take a mini time out in the woods. 
Thank you for your interest in our new product line.Created in small batches and sent out into the world with positive intent,their only true side effect is health.
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"With an etheric quality,essential oils activate the receptors of love,compassion and empathy....through them,we can contact the wisdom of nature,the power of light,the energy of the universe,and the love in our hearts."     Valerie Ann Worwood author of "The Fragrant Heavens"