Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is: 

An ancient remedy, today, a widely accepted form of therapeutic treatment administered by registered professionals.

It is defined as the treatment and prevention of soft tissue and joint disorders, dysfunction of or injury to the body, using treatments which include but are not limited to manual techniques, hydrotherapy, mobilization and therapeutic exercise to rehabilitate, relieve pain and promote health.

Regulatory Body:

In British Columbia, a Massage Therapy Diploma means that a practitioner has met the highest educational standards in North America with 2700 hours of training.

A registered therapist designation, or RMT, means your practitioner is subject to a governing body which ensures public safety, protection, and practitioner standards of practice.

To learn more about the governing body for RMTs in British Columbia, visit (this link will take you away from this website).

Our Massage Therapist  Marilyn Swallow conforms to PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act) standards.All inquiries regarding our policies and procedures can be made to Marilyn by calling the office @ 250-924-8088

What to expect: 

During a massage therapy treatment one can be assured of complete confidentiality, respect,and safety.

An initial treatment includes a patient intake of personal health history, assessment, and privacy while preparing for treatment. Your comfort is of utmost importance and your feed back is an integral part of the treatment.  

Using a variety of modalities, your therapist work to provide results for your areas of concern,while relieving tension, and increasing circulation, as these are two of the common side benefits.