Our Logo

Full of the life force that drives the flowers skyward, our logo is a symbol of the strength, beauty, and the unwavering spirit of the wild.

Our Mission

At Wildflower we use the Healing Arts to create opportunity for change, growth, and optimal health. With a variety of natural treatment options at our fingertips,we are able to meet many health care needs for our clients.

Our treatments are complementary in nature and are not meant to replace your current medications. All Herbal and Essential Oil remedies should be discussed with your physician prior to use.

Our Staff

Wildflower is currently home to Marilyn Swallow RMT RA EOT, Jacqueline McKenna , and Janet Cook R Ac. ( tothepoints.ca ) Registered Acupuncturists.

Nada Rose Integrative Energy Healer, Andrew Bertram MAMFT Marriage and Family Counsellor, and Nicky Ruddell Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, are associates we highly recommend

Through training, experience, and continuing education we are qualified to provide our clients with the following list of treatment options:

    • Therapeutic Massage

    • Aromatherapy Consultation and treatments

    • Acupuncture

    • Integrative Energy work

    • Emotional clearing

    • Past life Regression

    • Hot/cold Jade stone Massage

    • Movement/Rehabilitation Therapies

    • Family Counselling

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