About us

The West Island Cake Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the encouragement of cake decorating and sugar art.

The membership registration period is from our September meeting until December 31st.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Our Story...

Sugar artist Heidi Kaplan, upon her return from a cake decorating convention held in the United States, formed the West Island Cake Club in 1993. Buoyed by the strong commitment to sharing exhibited at this convention, and frustrated with the lack of a viable system of networking and resources for cake decorators, Heidi called upon a West Island cake colleague to supply her with the names of clients who had rented baking pans. This list became the humble beginnings of the cake club.

Response to the idea of a cake club was met with great enthusiasm. The initial meeting was held at Heidi's home in Dollard des Ormeaux, and continued monthly thereafter on a "round-robin" basis - hosted by a different cake enthusiast each time.

Although there was an awareness of talented sugar artists in the West Island area (and beyond) at that time, cake decorators in this community worked unbeknownst to one another, and new trends emerging from the world of sugar artistry (particularly in the U.S. and England) were yet unexposed and undiscovered. The mission then, for Heidi - and her cake club - was to provide the opportunity for cake enthusiasts to meet one another and network for the dissemination of information: such as ideas, helpful hints, new trends, and anything else pertaining to the sugar arts. It would be a place where instructors could teach their skills to others.

The Club has grown significantly since its early days. Membership has mushroomed into large numbers, creating the need for a central meeting place that can accommodate them. To date, meetings are held in a spacious building secured from the city of Dollard des Ormeaux.

Amongst some of its proudest accomplishments, is an annual cake show that the W.I.C.C. holds each spring. Members are invited to exhibit their work to the public in an organized display, which the club puts together along with the cooperation of a local shopping center. While viewing the cakes on display, the public is welcome to attend demonstrations of various decorating techniques given by club members throughout the exhibition day. These exhibits have helped to bring a new awareness to people - both of the club, and of the talent that abounds within it.

The common denomination of a love of sugar artistry has brought many cake decorators together over the years, and the West Island Cake Club has facilitated the opportunity.