Greetings! The selectpersons of the Town of Whitneyville would like to  announce that :

Whitneyville town meeting will commence Sept. 24th at 6:00 P.M. at the Hillgrove Community Building (Town Office), Whitneyville, Me. 
Items on the agenda:
Voting on our annual articles 
Voting on the Whitneyville School Budget

Town books, were not distributed home to home due to COVID 19 concerns. The books are available at the town office if you would like to pick one up Pat has them there. 
Per state mandate you are encouraged to wear a mask if you attend town meeting.

Town of Whitneyville, Maine

Town of Whitneyville

Whitneyville is a small town in the heart of eastern Maine. Rich in logging history and family. Now noted for it's Maine wild blueberries and home to one of the largest wreath making businesses in the northeast.