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Town of Whitneyville, Maine

Town of Whitneyville


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Assessing Forms

Contact Info.

J. Doug Guy

Assessing Agent

Town of Whitneyville

42 South Main Street

Whitneyville, ME 04654


Commitment Book

We have added links below for forms to help with property tax

Property tax reductions:

If you are a Whitneyville resident and own and live in your own home you are probably eligible for the

Homestead Exemption.

The application can be found here and must be filed by April 1st.

Once you file you do not need to reapply.

Homestead Property Tax Form

See Maine.Gov Property Tax Exemption forms

For Veterans:

If you are a US military veteran who served during a federally recognized

wartime period, and are 62 years old or older, or are disabled due to military service, you are probably eligible

for the Veterans Exemption.

Unremarried widows (widowers) of eligible veterans may also be eligible.

Read about it here: property/pubs/bull7.pdf

An application may be found here:

Veteran's Exemption Tax Form

Paraplegic Veteran's Exemption Tax Form

Planning Board Forms

Contact Info.

Paul Vane

Al Nehrings 263.7150

Carol Flores 636.7300

Town of Whitneyville Building/Use Application for Permit

Whitneyville map
The train was a daily event years ago, now the train track has been modified to be used as an ATV, hikinb, biking, walking trail!

Back in the day the train was a common site. Now the tracks have been removed and the ground conditioned for trail use by ATV, walkers, hikers.

The old Bridgham Store

The Old Bridgham store, a place for neighbors to gather and pass the time of day

The Old Whitneyville School House

The Old Whitneyville School House has housed and educated Whitneyville learners for years and continues on today as the Public Library