Frequently Asked Questions


Westwood Track Club has created two distinct programs for Westwood Track Club: youth (ages 3-14) & HS+ (ages 14-up). OPEN TO ALL (not just Westwood residents).


A club that runs 2 days a week for 8 weeks.


We practice at Westwood High School's track. Youth athletes will stay on the premises.

HS+ athletes will begin and end on the track, but will utilize Hale Reservation and other neighboring roads for endurance runs and hill workouts.


Our program runs the late June through the second week of August. We run practices in the mornings for high school athletes and evenings for our youth (ages 3-14 athletes).


We have had the privilege of running this youth sports program since 2010. It came out of a need for elementary-aged kids to be introduced to the sport of track in a supportive, learning environment. It has been very successful since its inception and has grown 300% thanks to those individuals that "spread the word" about what we do.

  • Is Westwood Track Club for anyone?
    • Yes! It's the perfect club for families with multiple children as it's a one-stop program. This is open to all communities as well (we love our Walpole, Dedham, Canton and Norwood families!). Many families send their 4-, 6- and 9-year old to take advantage... so no more driving in circles to make multiple start and end times for other sports. We will engage and tire out all your little ones - while putting smiles on their faces and building self-confidence and memories! Our youth program is for ages 3-14 and our HS+ "big kids" may include anyone over 14 but typically ends up consisting of our youth program graduates that are now in high school or college.
  • Do youth athletes need to wear the team shirt for every practice and meet?
    • Yes! The t-shirt indicates that the athlete is registered and ready to train and is part of our club. When we go to meets, it helps to distinguish our athletes from the other teams. We also will have training/competing tanks available to purchase at-cost ($15) in the event that you want additional training attire.
  • What does a typical practice look like?
    • Our programs are created to be developmentally appropriate, but in general our youth athletes will warm-up, then move into dynamic drills (moving stretches such as high knees, skips, bounds), then into two of three circuits: hurdles, ladders and/or bleachers, followed by a workout (from relay races to repeats), a conditioning game (survivor, capture the flag & cross my ocean tend to be the favorites), then ending with stamina (cool down), static stretching to promote increased flexibility and some core work. Our HS+ program is much more about conditioning in the summer - so long runs and longer interval workouts - ending with core and arm work.
  • What should my child wear? bring?
    • His or her track club t-shirt, sneakers, comfortable sports clothing, and a water bottle with child's name on it.
  • How will my child be grouped?
    • Westwood Track Youth Club is open to males and females ages 3-14 and groups will be created on age first (boys and girls together) and then ability for optimal training. As we get to know your child(ren), we will begin to re-group athletes as necessary to better fit all needs.
  • What does the registration cost cover?
    • Registration costs cover the eight weeks of our 75/90-minute sessions, team insurance, permits, coaches, team t-shirt and any home/team track meets. In order to keep the registration cost down, we do not open the bathroom facilities during practices (custodial costs are too high) so please plan accordingly. We would like athletes to be signed up prior to mid-May to ensure a small athlete to coach ratio.
  • Are all practices mandatory?
    • We foster a "come as much as you can" mindset and culture. We understand summer is a time for camps, vacations and tons of impromptu opportunities so we opt to offer multiple time frames to accommodate families to make it as frequently as they can. Most families participate in the M/W night option for the youth program - but all sessions are included in our fee!
  • Are meets mandatory?
    • We encourage parents to take advantage of our local competitions in Needham, Weymouth, Quincy and home in Westwood. These meets are fun-filled as every athlete receives a ribbon for each event s/he participates in and invokes that competitive spirit of competing in a safe environment, but nothing in our clinic is mandatory!
  • How does someone become a volunteer coach?
    • All coaches are USATF (USA Track and Field) certified, CORI'ed and hand picked by the WTC Governing Committee to ensure the best coaching staff for all our aspiring athletes!
  • If I need financial assistance, who may I contact?
    • If you need financial assistance, please email us at We do everything we can to accommodate / include any and all individuals that are interested in participating in our club!
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