Choosing a Guide

I would describe myself as a psychodynamic counsellor. I am particularly interested in your past experiences, especially those shaped in childhood. It is often possible to discern a particular pattern in the way each of us manages our different relationships. This sometimes gets played out within the counselling itself, thus providing important clues in helping to understand your emotional world.

I would also combine a variety of knowledge and theories to respond to the unique set of problems each individual brings for counselling help.

The goal of therapy as a whole and each session in particular is to enable you to face and better manage your pain and emotional suffering without resorting to avoidance strategies or inappropriate acting out.

The first appointment will be an assessment to determine:

Your suitability for this type of therapy.

Whether we can work together.

To begin to determine a central focus of the therapy

I begin by looking at the current issues which have prompted you to seek out therapy at this time.

Counselling will hopefully be stimulating, challenging and freeing. It is, however, essentially about change and recognising that changes can sometimes be painful and unsettling and require patience and practice.

It's also about knowing that you're not in this alone. Maybe for a time, you need a place to rest, receive and be nurtured but this is only ever a stopgap. The goal of counselling is always to lead you towards healthier relationships and emotional independence.