Contact Me & Fees

Counselling is not for everyone. There is a right time for it. As it is an interactive process, you have to want it for yourself. It's not enough that someone else thinks it's a good idea, nor does it come with any guarantees.

Finding the right therapist is crucial

If your problems are emotionally based and you would like to discuss them, please email me on for an initial appointment.

I'm located close to the centre of Burscough, with onsite parking and convenient for public transport.

At this first appointment there is no pressure to book another session. It's important you give serious thought to starting therapy and I'm happy to leave you to get back in touch with me.

Therapy appointments are available at a variety of times:

* during the week

* some midweek evenings

* Saturday mornings

I charge £40 for a 60 minute session.

Please contact me to check current availability and arrange your half price "taster session". On-going therapy appointments are usually arranged for the same time, each week, but can be flexible to accommodate shift patterns.