About Us

The WMMC is run by members of Westfield State University and Westfield Public Schools. We have included some pictures and biographies so you know who to look for at your next event!

Phil DeOrsey


Dr. DeOrsey is a new faculty member at Westfield State but has been doing outreach for the past three years in Colorado and Virginia. He has facilitated both math teachers’ circles and math student circles. While in Colorado he also contributed to the outreach programs Math on My Mind, Expanding Your Horizons, Technology Student Association, and the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival. In Virginia he worked with an after school program designed to broaden the STEM experiences of gifted and talented students.

Corey Pooler

Corey is a full time student at Westfield State as a Mathematics major with a concentration in secondary education. He is looking to become a high school mathematics teacher, and looks to get his master's degree in special education. Throughout college, the Western Massachusetts Math Circle will help Corey to gain more experience and more knowledge about how to teach. The direct work with students over many semesters will continue to build helpful skills and to prepare him for future student teaching. Eventually teaching on his own, Corey can use all of these learned skills in order to run a successful and purposeful class.  

Brian Jennings

Dr. Jennings has been active in working with pre-service and in-service teachers for the past 5 years. He has been a co-facilitator of a number of professional development workshops and professional learning communities aimed at strengthening the content knowledge and pedagogical background of in-service teachers. He has participated in three professional learning communities sponsored through the Western Massachusetts Mathematical Partnership (WMMP), which is directed through the Five College Partnership within the Five College Consortium, once as a higher-education attendee and twice as a high- education co-facilitator, where he worked with teachers at the K-16 level on better understanding such topics as algebraic thinking, fraction sense, and working with students with special needs within the mathematics classroom. With his colleagues from Westfield State he has run professional development workshops, both at home and across the country, on the topic of Inquiry-Based Learning.