Welcome Boomers!

The Westbrook Baby Boomer Social Club was officially established in 2012.  Before that we were just a bunch of boomer age residents hanging out together.  We have approximately 200 registered boomers.  
This web site is intended to provide information about monthly socials and events that might interest the boomer age generation residing in WBV.  

Come join the WBV Boomers on the first Friday of each month at the Fine Arts Learning Center (FALC)
6-7:30 P.M.
Bring your own drink (glass and ice); an appetizer to share; and wear a name tag. 

Scheduled meeting dates: 

3/2/18, 4/6/18, 5/4/18, 9/7/18, 10/5/18, 11/2/18, 12/7/18

1/4/19, 2/1/19, 3/1/19, 4/5/19, 5/3/19, 9/6/19, 10/4/19, 11/1/19, 12/6/19

Future Dances:

24th March 2018 Spring Fling

       5th May 2018  - Cinco de Mayo Party

       25th August 2018 - Tailgate Party

       27th October 2018 - Halloween Party

      19th January 2019 
- Sock Hop

             16th February 2019 - Valentine's Day Party

    23th March 2019 Senior Prom

           4th May 2019  - Star Wars Day Party

           31st August 2019 - 50 Years of Woodstock Party

          26th October 2019 - Halloween Party

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