The laboratory of Experimental Flow Control and Wind Engineering, of Mechanical Engineering of the Washkewicz College of Engineering at the Cleveland State University, aims at conducting creative research activities and providing excellent opportunities for students in thermal/fluids and energy systems. We pursue fundamental experimental research on a variety of challenging topics in fluid mechanics and mass/heat transport areas, including turbulent boundary‐layer flows, laminar‐turbulent transition, vortex dynamics, particle turbulence interaction etc.. Such information is the key to achieve improved understanding of complex flow physics and develop effective flow control strategy as well as physics-based numerical models. Advanced thermal and flow measurement techniques, in particular planar and volumetric Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) are the major tools to quantify the turbulent flow structure of different length and time scales. In addition, we closely work with numerical modellers and field scientists to produce Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) validation-quality data sets and develop new models for mechanical, aeronautical, civil and environmental applications.

Recent News
  • November 2018: Prof. Sang Joon Lee from the Pohang University of Science and Technology is invited to give a guest lecture on Bio-inspired flow research.  
  • October 2018: The work about roughness effects on a Tornado-like vortex is published. You can find it here.
  • August 2018: Curtis won the Ohio Space Grant Consortium Fellowship 2018-2019. Congrats!!!.
  • June 2018: Our paper on turbulent enhancement by fractal square grids is now online. See here.
  • May 2018: Jodi and Alexis successfully defended their Master's thesis work. Congratulations!
  • April 2018: Jodi won the 2nd place for her talk at the AIAA Region III Student Conference, at Purdue. Congratulations!
  • March 2018: Our paper on wake induced by an undulating elephant seal whisker is now online. See here.
  • February 2018: Alexis and Jodi submitted abstracts to the 5th International Conference of Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Munich, July 2-4th, 2018.
  • December 2017: Aidan won the Graduate Outstanding Research Award and Jodi won the Graduate Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. Congratulations!
  • November 2017: Aidan's paper on seal whisker morphology and implications for flow control is selected as the Journal's Featured Article
  • October 2017: An article by PBS' NOVA, covering our work on seal whisker morphology and implications for flow control is alive. See this link and our paper.
  • September 2017: Alexis won the APS DFD 2017 Travel Award! Congratulations! She will present research on the effect of square-grid fractals on turbulent flows.
  • July 2017: A new clip of our Engineering College (including our experiments) is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8UdHsmtZys&feature=youtu.be
  • May 2017: Joseph successfully defended his Master's thesis. Congrats!!!
  • April 2017: Jodi won the Ohio Space Grant Consortium Fellowship 2017-2018. Congrats!!!
  • March 2017: Joe won the 1st place (Graduate) at the AIAA Region III Student Conference at UM. Congrats!!!
  • February 2017: Jodi won the NSF EAPSI 2017 Fellowship! Congratulations! With this support, Jodi will do research at POSTECH this summer.
  • January 2017: An article of Interview with Dr. Zhang on our Biomimicry related work is now online. Read it on Zygote Quarterly (Pages 104-111).
  • December 2016: Aidan successfully defended his Master's thesis on Dec. 8th, 2016. Congratulations!
  • November 2016: Aidan won the 1st place (out of 47 posters) at the College Research Day! Congratulations!  
  • October 2016: We will present three posters at the College Research Day, Nov. 18th. Come to visit us!  
  • September 2016: Aidan won the APS DFD 2016 Travel Award! Congratulations! He will present research on how seal whiskers cause the wake structure to change. Joseph and Dr. Zhang will also present in the same conference on Nov. 20-22nd, 2016.  
  • August 2016: We present research on the seal-whisker inspired design at the 1st Biomimicry Symposium and Education Summit.
  • July 2016: Dr. Zhang is visiting WIRE at EPFL, Switzerland. Learn more about WIRE
  • May 2016: Sarah McClure successfully defended her Master's thesis on fractal wind fences. Congratulations! 
  • April 2016: David won the 1st place (undergraduate) in the AIAA Region III Student Conference! Aidan won the 2nd place in the Graduate category! Great Job! Congratulations! In the picture from left to right, Dan Cook, Aidan Rinehart, Jason Wolf (our alumni), Matthew Hamman, and David Pendleton.  
  • March 2016: Jason Wolf started his new position at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Dayton, OH. Congratulations! 
  • March 2016: We host The Engineering Scholars' Day Event with a mini wind turbine competition, attended by 60 high-school students and their parents.
  • February 2016Aidan, David and Matt submitted papers to the AIAA Region III student conference which will be held at UIUC on April. 1-2, 2016. 
  • January 2016: Jason Wolf's paper on air-particle separator took the first place at the AIAA international student design competition! Congratulations!  Read more here

  • Ph.D. students: We welcome motivated and responsible candidates to further discuss potential projects on turbulent flows, wind and flow control. 
  • Master students: Potential and current students are highly encouraged to contact Dr. Zhang and have a tour of the lab.
  • Undergraduate students who are interested in exciting research projects are encouraged to contact Dr. Zhang. Funding can be sought through multiple undergraduate research programs at CSU.

Dr. Wei Zhang

Assistant Professor

Faculty Advisor of AIAA Student Chapter

Mechanical Engineering Department
Cleveland State University
FH 233, 1960 East 24 Street
Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 687-2595

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