Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What information can I get from the Wayne County Law Library?

The Librarian at the Wayne County Law Library is not an attorney.  However the print and electronic resources available to county attorneys and court employees are available to the public at the hours listed here.


 Q: Can I get legal forms from the Wayne County Law Library?

The Wayne County Law Library does not keep a file of legal forms in the library.  Check with the apporprate court or your attorney for necessary forms. 

Q: Can the Wayne County Law Library assist me in obtaining an attorney to represent me in a legal matter or provide legal advice?

There are no attorneys on staff at the law library.  The Wayne County Law Library cannot assist you in obtaining legal counsel.  The Wayne County Bar Association  maintains an Attorney Referral Listing for Wayne County, Ohio. The librarian is able to to assist with research,  but is not qualified or permitted to give legal advice, interpret any documents, recommend or fill out forms, or define legal terms.


Q: How do I renew my Notary?

 This link will direct you to the Wayne County Clerk of Courts website which gives information on application for or renewal of a Notary commission.  A Manual of Notaries Public has been prepared under the auspices of the Wayne County Bar Association. If you have further questions, contact the Common Pleas Court's Administrative Secretary at (330) 287-5540.


Q: I have a problem with my attorney and would like to file something.  What can I do?

If you feel your attorney has violated a rule of ethics or conduct, you may file a grievance against the attorney.  A written grievance can be filed with the Wayne County Bar Association or with the Ohio Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline.

The Wayne County Bar Association website has a link to its Grievance Form.  The Grievance Form may also be requested by calling 330-262-6198.  This form must be completed before the Grievance Committee will consider your case. 

To file a grievance with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel at the Supreme Court of Ohio visit this website

Please note that filing a grievance will allow for disciplinary action to be taken against the attorney if they are found in violation of their Code of Professional Responsibility.  Filing a grievance will not change the outcome of your case.  You may have to file a complaint for legal malpractice in order to recover monetary damages.

More information on this topic is available from the Ohio Board of Professions Conduct and can be found at its Frenquently Asked Questions web page