Work on Wave OS goes on! Now we are beginning to have Night Builds, this means, that now the development of the next version of Wave will be more visible to people, something that we believe may help with this project. The upcoming Developer Revision 05 will bring a new GUI and a new API wich is the beginning of a new era for this project.

Please look at the Night Builds page for getting the ISO file and the related source code package.

Wave OS DR05 is going to appear in the end of year 2019 due underling work in progress.

The Wave Operating System Project is a hobby / collaborative open source operating system development, and has no relation with the similarly name quantium computer known as "D-Wave" wich is a product made by an enterprise wich has no relation with this project. Wave OS is an in redevelopment o.s intended initially for regular PC type computers and at this point is less than alpha quality software.

Wave OS DR04.1

After some of the first changes upcoming to our infrastructure, the files are available again.
They are the same files available before, just hosted in a different place, so you can download and burn or use them as you would before.

The iso file is available here from now:

The sources package is available here now:

Please notice that you can download them directly and for participating or learning about this project, you do not have to set up any git/subversion or like source hosts, this is because we are trying to prosecute the development of this project using less tools but better, because we want a friendly os for who is not a tech user neither want to deal with complicated unix commands. We do not hide the complexity, we actually make real alternatives to it, from source code to final iso.

As you may know, google had shut down the google.code service and many changes are taking place in the internet today, we are doing what has to be done to keep the project going forward properly.