WATRC is not currently affiliated to NZEF, and club rides do not count towards NZEF qualifications or awards. From time to time, we may publish results from some NZEF competitions where club members are represented.
For official NZEF results, you should visit the ESNZ website, click on "Endurance" in the menu bar, and check the results section of the page.

 with GTR results
 Bright's Farm - 19 March 2017
 with GTR results
 Otaki Rahui Road - 5 March 2017
 with GTR results
 Pikarere - 19 February 2017
 with GTR results
 Manakau - 29 January 2017
 with GTR results
 Wairakau - 15 January 2017
 with GTR results
 Rata Leedstown Road - 8 January 2017
 with GTR results
 Pukemarama - 11 December 2016
 with GTR results
 Battle Hill - 4 December 2016
 with GTR results
 Te Hapua - 13 November 2016
 with GTR results
 Waitarere - 2 October 2016
 with GTR results

Graded Training Ride (GTR) results have been produced from the 2015/16 season CTR results to introduce this alternative competition format. More information about Graded Training Rides can be found on our Resources page.
 with GTR results
 Bright's Farm - 20 March 2016  with GTR results
 Waitohu - 6 March 2016  with GTR results
 Pikarere - 28 February 2016  with GTR results
 Manakau Dairy - 7 February 2016  with GTR results
 Wainuiomata - 24 January 2016  with GTR results
 Rata Leedstown Road - 10 January 2016  with GTR results
 Battle Hill - 6 December 2015  with GTR results
 Waikawa beach - 22 November 2015  with GTR results
 Pukemarama - 15 November 2015  with GTR results
 Bulls - 1 November 2015  with GTR results
 Waitarere - 18 October 2015  with GTR results
 Te Hapua - 4 October 2015  with GTR results

GTR Season Points 2015/16 season - based on qualifying (Completed or Grades 1, 2, 3 or 4) rides where a log book was presented.

Trophies and Awards 2015/16 Season - Trophies and Awards presented at Prizegiving. Note that this list does not include those members who placed first in their class at any WATRC ride and are also trophy winners.
Roll of Honour 2016 - Lifetime kilometres at the end of the 2015/16 season

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