Downloadable publications, information and forms for competitors

WATRC  Incorporated Constitution - PDF file containing the Rules of Wellington Area Trail Riding Club Incorporated
Registered with the Companies Office - Society number 2611050 incorporated on 29 July 2014

WATRC  Ride Rules - PDF file containing the WATRC competition rules effective August 2016
Individual remits and a copy of the rules with changes tracked can be found under other downloadable resources

No remits were received for consideration at AGM 2017 and the rules effective from August 2016 remain unchanged.

Minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 2 July 2017 at the Waikanae Chartered Club 8 Elizabeth Street, Waikanae.
President's Report presented to AGM
Treasurer's summary of WATRC Inc's financial position presented at AGM

WATRC  Code of Conduct - PDF file containing the WATRC Code of Conduct for members and competitors

WATRC Complaints handling Procedure - PDF file containing the process WATRC will follow when handling complaints under our Rules or Code of Conduct

Information for Competitors - PDF file

How to join the club mailing list - information found on this page

Our online pre-entries form - a web form for filling out your competition pre-entries online

WATRC Points Competition and Awards - PDF File containing information about the WATRC points competition and annual awards 

WATRC Graded Training Rides Information - the long version (thanks to Karena Fellowes for her input) 

CTR and GTR compared in a page - a short version highlighting the main differences

CTR and GTR Timing Chart - CTR Optimum, GTR minimum and maximum times for distances up to 60 km

WATRC Grade Qualifying Chart - speed and heart rate matrix for GTR Grading

2015-16 GTR Points Leaders - an example of GTR Season results based on 2015/16 CTR results

Club Ride Entry Form - Please complete your entry form before you get to the Entries table - use this form for regular club rides

Club Online Membership Form - Join WATRC to qualify for member only classes and member entry rates

Club Online Horse Registration Form - Register your horse for WATRC Annual Awards  


Annual Club Membership fees

Families $45
Individuals $30
Non-riding members $15

Club Ride Entry Fees

Member Non-Member
Adult $25* Adult $30*
Junior $20 Junior $30*
Non-riding members requiring hard-copy newsletters by post - $20

 * Ride fees for Adults and non-members were increased by majority vote at AGM June 2014 (see minutes in Newsletter 167).


WATRC Entries Protocols

Pre-ride entries
Open and Long Intermediate riders must pre-enter. Other riders,
please pre-enter whenever possible, as it makes the job so much easier on the day. For your convenience we now have an online pre-entry form. You fill out the form and the details are emailed to the Entries Secretary when you submit it. The form captures the information we need in a convenient format for processing. Please try it out.
The form is only for pre-entries. You still need to take a completed paper entry form to the entries table on the day of the ride.

Alternatively, if the pre-entries form is not available for any reason, send email to:
Email address for Entries - this is an image - you need to type the address into your email client

Pre-entries for Open and Long Intermediate close the Wednesday before the ride (4 days before). This is to give our Entries Secretary sufficient time to prepare the necessary paperwork. Once ride out times have been given they will not be changed unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Other classes can continue to use the pre-entries form up until 5:00 pm on Friday. After this time you should enter on the day at the venue before 9:00 am.

Please include the following details in your email pre-entry - the venue and date you're entering, your full name, your horses name, the class you want to enter & the details of your ride buddy (if you have one in mind) & any other preferences (start time etc). This saves the Entries Secretary having to follow up for more information.

Please note that you must be a current financial WATRC member to ride in any class except Novice and Novice Junior.

Entries on the day
are accepted only for Short Intermediate, Junior, and Novice events, open at 7.30am at the ride venue, and close at 9am.

To save time at the venue, we ask that you print and complete an entry form the night before. Please fill out all your forms IN FULL. It makes the entries person's job much easier.

When you have filled out your forms, go to the person taking payment. Pay and get your bib. Make sure your time out is written on your vet card/logbook. Your time due back is your own responsibility to work out.

Early start times from 8:30 to 9:00 are reserved for Opens and Long Intermediates only. They may start later if they want, but because they have the greatest distance and the longest ride times, they get this first half hour to themselves. Short Intermediate, Juniors and Novices leave from 9:05am. 


Club mailing list

WATRC runs a mailing list using Google Groups. Only officers of WATRC can post to this mailing list, and it's only used for WATRC business. You don't need a Google+ ID for this group - we just use the email address you provide when you join the group. We do however strongly recommend, even if you do have a Google+ ID, you should use email replies to accept your invitation or confirm your subscription. This will avoid any of the problems that can arise when using the links in the verification emails (see more below).

Your email address is only visible to the mailing list managers, so you won't get spammed. We're using Google Groups so that we can maintain a single, accurate, centrally managed mailing list. You can join the list at any time, and you can leave it at any time.

To receive newsletters, results and announcements in your Inbox, subscribe to WATRC-News by sending email to
Google Groups will send you a verification request by email. You can either confirm using a link in the email but we strongly recommend you confirm by replying to the email.
Note: If you use the link and see errors in your web browser like the ones below, definitely use the email reply option.

To stop receiving emails from this mailing list, send email to
Google Groups will confirm you've unsubscribed by email.

You can view archived emails in your web browser at!forum/watrc-news

All emails sent through this mailing list will include the address of the WATRC officer who sent the email, and the email subject will include the tag "[watrc-news]".

Help: Accepting an invitation or confirming your subscription to WATRC-News fails.

If the email address you use to subscribe is already associated with a Google ID, the "Accept this invitation" button might give you one of the following errors in your web browser:


Unfortunately, you were unable to join the group watrc-news

The following error occurred:
•There is a Google account associated with <your-email-address>. You must be signed in with that account to accept the invitation.
•Please sign in to the correct account.

Make sure you are attempting to join the group with the same account that received the group invitation.


Unfortunately, you were unable to join the group watrc-news

The following error occurred:
•You are using a different account from the intended recipient of the invitation.
•Please sign in to the correct account.

Make sure that you are attempting to join the group with the same account that received the group invitation.

In either of the above situations, you need to sign into the correct Google account (the one associated with <your-email-address>) to accept the invitation through your web browser.

If you don't know the details of the Google account (say, if your email address is shared with another family member who has provided it for a personal Google ID) then the simplest way to join is for you to use the reply-to-email method recommended above.


Other WATRC Resource Pages

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