Our mission is to promote watershed health, benefit human and ecological communities, and increase public engagement through the development and implementation of the Rio de Flag Watershed Plan.

The W.A.R.F. comprises stakeholders from Northern Arizona University, City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, Coconino National Forest, Springs Stewardship Institute, Friends of the Rio de Flag, Wild Arizona, and private citizens with interest and expertise.

Thank you all for joining our Explore the Watershed Speaker Series!

The presentations, notes and video recordings for each session are available here.

Rio de Flag Watershed Plan FINAL 2022-6-8.pdf

Mapping Feedback

After 6 sessions of the Explore the Watershed Speaker Series, the data from all the community feedback is compiled on one map (left)!!

Each colored dot represents feedback in the form a a project, click on a dot to see the details provided by a community member.

Where is the Rio de Flag Watershed?