Installation Guide

  7 steps to home installation of your WateringPipe.

!.  Check Existing down pipe.


✔   Straight exit                      ✓  Front exit

The height and whether it is a Straight exit or Front exit are important when choosing your CDP.   

!When cutting measure twice and cut once!

2. First Cut.

                       Cut the existing pipe at ground level.

3. Second Cut.

                        Cut the existing drain pipe to fit the CDP.

                                    (CDP height) - 5 cm = cutting height.

                        ie.   3 m CDP - 5 cm  =  2.95 m or 295 cm


                                      And remove the old pipe and clips.  

4. Position the CDP to mark the position of the bracket on the wall.

Aim the existing downpipe into the lid and then fit the base. The mounting plate must be horizontal and flush. Then you can mark the location of where the holes need to be drilled in the wall.


6. Drill into the wall. Drill sizes vary. Product from 2-3 meters are 6mm and 3.5 - 6 meters are 8mm holes.

Double check and then drill the holes in the wall.  

7. Position and Mount the CDP.

Insert the straight exit pipe in accordance with existing drainage.

Attach the mounting plate to the wall with the provided screws or bolts.

With a flat head driver first extract the bolt visible at the top of the CDP. 

Then insert the bolt into the mounting plate and tighten.