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                   Wateringpipe can store the rainwater in a very accessible position. Firstly its above ground level and the top end of the pipe is above the toilet cistern level. Secondly when the pipe is full, the overflow condition cleans any sediment or sludge that has built up at the base of the container preventing contamination. The other products on the market do not have these advantages. Also, fitting a CDP is as simple as fitting a water barrel, DIY. Wateringpipe combines the down pipe function and the water barrel function taking up a lot less space it turns cumbersome into stylish. The bringing together of two existing products, creates a value for money scenario. With the added environmentally friendly status.

                 The most beneficial factor of the Wateringpipe system is the location of the water. Being above the ground level by as much as 6m is especially important because of the head of pressure this produces. An average mains head of pressure is 3 bar (300000Pascal). Wateringpipe is around a third of this pressure (1 bar). The other aspect of the location is the position, perhaps in the garden or on a mezzanine garden, the practicality of having access to water wherever there is a down pipe is
almost limitless.

                    Wateringpipe for, a reduction in mains consumption, access to water, a reduction of hard surface runoff which leads to flooding and at a lower cost than existing methods, this truly is a product for the future.

  CDP comparison charts.

  Height                                 Flow rate  l/s                Storage volume













                                                                                                                         (-)   Approximate values


BS 12056  Is the regulatory rates of flow for the varieties of down pipe. 

Down pipe           Flow rate l/s       Flow rate   m3/ s

Circular 68mm



Square 65mm



circular 80mm



circular 110mm



This shows that all CDP products above 2 meters in height will out perform your standard down pipe sizes up to and including 80mm diameter.  

The systems can also facilitate better use of conventional SUDS features such as previous

 soak aways or a water butt.

To assist designers in developing the most efficient arrangement of the system,


Watering pipe provides a complimentary design support service that is manned by a team of qualified engineers, experienced in the provision of CDP solutions.

Solution one - A stand alone through flow water storage container.   

                         Solution two - A fitted Auto-hydrate drip feed system.

                         Solution three - As part of larger water management and distribution requirement.

Performance target Maximum consumption of potable water

 17.K Compliance 125
 Code for Sustainable Homes (Level 1/2) 120
 Code for Sustainable Homes (Level 3/4) 105
 Code for Sustainable Homes (Level 5/6)80

The model for the city attenuation system to stop the standard system from

accelerating storm water and causing flooding.

A recent comparison study carried out by Salford University proved the product to have significant affects with regards to Suds.(Sustainable Drainage Systems) and surface water floods.

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