Here is a short cartoon I made to introduce students to my classes.  ENJOY!

Business students (and their adults) can find course information, materials and links to important information right here for all  courses and activities. 

This will be very useful when absent!   The site can be accessed from anywhere (school, home, out of town) on whatever computer or device you have (PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet).   With this website, and your WAO Student Google account,you will always have everything you need for any of my classes.   

You can access the on-line grading system (JMC) by clicking the photo below.

Click photo to be redirected to the JMC WAO portal.

Mrs. Beth Murray
Business Education/Computers Teacher
WAO Wearhouse Advisor
WAO High School
224 East Bridge Avenue
Warren, Minnesota   56762
218-745-5628, ext. 1220