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Three resource sites are provided here to support the Walden Woods community.

Public Resource Center contains documents that are useful to to the Walden Woods community. It is a public site with read access open to anyone.

Forms contains forms available to Walden Woods members.

Governing Documents contains the governing documents of Walden Woods.

Firewise contains information pertaining to neighborhood fire preparedness.

Neighborhood Watch contains information pertaining to neighborhood safety.

Members-Only Files is a secured area containing documents private to the Walden Woods community including published meeting minutes, financials, and maps. To obtain the password for this protected site, contact any board member.

FLMWC Members supports those residents in Walden Woods that have water service with the Folsom Lake Mutual Water Company. This site contains published meeting minutes, policies, corporation documents, water quality reports, and financials for the public.

Submit File/Folder is used to sumbmit files or photos or folders of files or photos to the Resource Center or for archiving. It opens a window that allows a file or folder to be dragged and dropped to an area to upload it.