Western Albemarle XC/TRACK

Track Athletes Give Back with Track Clinic

Sadie Adams, Hailey Hodson and Henry Kimbrough organized a morning filled with fun track & field stations for the community kids. The kids learned about warm-up, stretching, relays, high jump, long jump, hurdles, and ended with some ice pops and fruit. The clinic was organized to the area youth, the ability to try out the sport. Many of them left saying they wanted to do track. Parents asked to let them know if we did another event like this. Their kids had so much fun. I was personally impressed with how well organized everything was. The high school athletes did a super job interacting with the kids. To see all the smiles on these kids faces was the ultimate reward. Well done. Pictures of the event will be in the photo album shortly.

Brownsville Kindergartener enjoying the hurdles

Attacking the Long Jump with a Smile

Outdoor States 2022

When all the work pays off!

The Western Girls started off the meet with a commanding win in the 4 x 800. Each girl ran a relay best to run a blistering time of 9:19.47 which happens to break the old school record by five full seconds. We were expecting there to be a good race with Loudon Valley who was seeded at 9:22, but when that never happened the girls proceeded to extend the lead with each leg, winning by almost a full straight away. Hailey Hodson led off by taking it out in 31 seconds for the first 200. Hailey's ability to go out hard has been an asset to the team. We know she can handle a fast early pace and set the tone for the rest of the team. Jenna Stutzman is a strong second leg for us. She is good at holding a steady pace throughout the race. Sadie Adams is probably the best third leg of any 4 x 800 relay team. Most people put their slowest leg third, but we really don't have a slow leg. We can depend on Sadie to build a lead so that Jordan Stone has a shot at fighting off a challenge from the few, sub 2:15 girls in 4A. Even without competition, Jordan ran a 2:18.77 split. All 4 legs were under 2:21.

Setting the school record was a big goal this season, especially when the team narrowly missed breaking the indoor 4 x 8 record. Sometimes when things don't work out, the determination builds to a point that you will do whatever is necessary to make it happen. Couldn't be prouder of the work ethic of this team and their competitive drive.

Elizabeth Strobach Places 3rd

Also on day one, Elizabeth had her personal best vault of 11-3 to place third in the 4A competition. Her previous best was 10-6. It all came together on the right day.

Raina Fitzwater Places 4th

Raina has led the team most of the year in pole vault. While she did not have her best day, she did still manage to place 4th, vaulting 10-9.

Sadie Breaks 3200 Record Again!

It is rare for a 3200 m runner to run a PR at the state meet. Usually the back and forth changes in weather don't allow runners to acclimatize to the heat, and even if it is a cool day, it is never ideal 3200 meter weather. While we were lucky to have temperatures in the low 70s the morning of state meet, that is still at least 10-15 degrees away from what I would consider ideal 3200 weather. Despite all this, Sadie manage to run a tough race, literally going out in 76 to try to hang with the top girls for as long as possible. Sadie went through the 1600 in 5:15 and continued to plug away, running her last lap in 77 to finish with a 10:41.79, an 8 second drop.

800 meter runners run personal bests to finish 4, 5 and 6

Jordan Stone and Jenna Stutzman

Jenna Stutzman ran a smart race. She went out in 66 and ran a strong second lap to finish in 2:17.64. This was over two seconds off her personal best as she had not broken 2:20 in the open 800. Jordan also ran her personal best time of 2:19.26 also her first time sub 2:20.

Hailey Hodson

Hailey Hodson went out with the sub 2:15 runners and even passed them at about 250 meters into the race. While that may have been a little bold, she still hung on to place 5th and ran 2:18.20, which was a 1.7 second personal best.

Season Best by 4 seconds in the 4 x 400

The 4 x 400 team of Hailey Hodson, Sienna Collier, Jenna Stutzman and Jordan Stone ran their fastest time of the season by 4 seconds to place third in 4:07.27. Jordan, once again had the fastest split, running 60.17. Jordan always runs her best on relays. They came in seeded 5th, but all those days in the weight room paid off as the girls continued to run strong even at the end of a long meet. Three out of four girls ran their relay best and ended the season on a positive. So after getting two school records this state meet, their next question was, "What is the school record in the 4 x 400?" That's just how their minds work. So I imagine they will go to work to run sub 4:01.17 so they can leave their names on the record book in as many places as possible.

Sadie finishes 6th in the 1600

After running the 3200, Sadie still had the mile to go. It was clear she gave her all in the 3200 and was a little weary in the 1600. She still managed to place 6th in 5:10.49.

Caroline Hill

Caroline Hill may have finished 11th in triple jump, but for this first year jumper, finishing the year with a 2 foot personal best at the state meet was a good sign that she has the potential to come back ready to place next year.

Grace Cook

Grace Cook had an amazing season, but got sick at the wrong time. She did her best, but was not quite over the upper respiratory illness she had for the past two weeks. She still ran a respectable 3200 time of 11:38 to finish 11th. She also gave it a go in the 1600 and the coaches appreciate her good attitude and her willingness to give it a try when she clearly was not 100%.

Western Places third at Regionals

Eleven Advance to States

Three Pole Vaulters

Raina Fitzwater and Elizabeth Strobach went 2-3 in the pole vault. They advance to States along with Cierra Halloran who has a qualifying vault from an earlier meet.

Two Jumpers

Caroline Hill and Klarissa Amos will advance to states in triple jump. Caroline placed 8th in triple jump. Both girls had qualifying jumps from an earlier meet.

Two Relay Teams

The 4 x 800 team had already qualified, but we needed the 4 x 400 team to qualify. Both teams won their relays and will move on to states. Team members included Hailey Hodson, Jordan Stone, Jenna Stutzman, Sadie Adams, and Sienna Collier. Grace Cook ran on the winning 4 x 800 team at regionals to allow Jenna to be fresh for her 1600.

Six Distance Runners

In the 1600 we placed 2nd and 3rd with Sadie and Jenna. In the 400 we placed 2nd and 3rd with Hailey Hodson, and Jordan Stone. Both girls ran their personal best 400 times. In the 800 we placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with Jenna, Sadie, and Sienna. In the 3200 Grace Cook finished second. Grace and Sadie will run the 3200 at states.

Setting Personal Best at Regionals

Gemma Marx ran 29.63, her personal best in the 200.

Anna Dellimore also ran a personal best of 30.07 in the 200.

Lily Smith ran 2:30.87 in the 800, her personal best which placed her 8th.

Amelia Sims ran 13:13.69, dropping 9 seconds in the 3200.

Also, placing at the region meet we had the 4 x 100 team of Jordan Henderson, Gemma Marx, Lizzy DelCarmen and Klarisa Amos, who placed 7th. Eleanor Abell and Amelia Sims placed 6th and 7th in the 3200. Caroline Pearson placed 7h in pole vault with a 9 foot vault. Elizabeth Strobach finished 7th in long jump and Caroline Hill placed 8th in triple jump. Next week we will need every point possible. The 4A division is the second most competitive division in the state, with 6A only slightly more competitive. We have a shot at making top 3, but it will take everyone fighting for every point possible.

Four Meets, Celebrating a School Record, Many PR's . . . A lot happened this week

The week started off with a celebration of Sadie Adam's 3200 School Record. Her time of 10:49.54 betters Zoe Clay's record of 10:54.30 which was set four years ago. Coach Chuck made the cake and Coach Cherie iced it. So it was obviously an amazing cake. ; ). It did get devoured and the girls are already discussing which record needs to come down next so they can get another cake.

Starting on Wednesday we had four days of meets. Most of the girls went to just one or two of them. The first of which was The Jefferson District Meet. We had several district champions. The 4 x800 relay team of Sienna Collier, Eleanor Abell, Jenna Stutzman, and Jordan Stone. Jenna came back to win the 1600 and Jordan came back to win the 400. Klarisa Amos won the high jump, tying her personal best jump of 4-10. Anna Dellimore set personal bests in both the 100 and 200. Sienna Collier set a personal best in the 1600.

The Team's 8th graders won every event in the Middle School Meet!

Maddie Hill won both the 100 and the 200. There were over a hundred girls in each of those events. Maddie ran 13.48 in the 100 which is a personal best and 27.99 which is her second best time.

Emma Schmitz ran an amazing 5:13.92 1600, which is a VA #1 time among middle schoolers. She also came back to run a 62 split in the 4 x 400.

Carter Torrence ran a 2:25.34 800, which is a VA #3 time among middle schoolers and also came back with a 62 split on the relay.

Ellie Klaff-Laymon won the 400 in a time of 66.95. It was an exciting come from behind win. She also ran a leg on the winning 4 x 400.

Abbie Apicella ran a personal best to finish 5th in the 800.

Emerson Ritter Dropped 15 seconds in the 1600 to finish 4th in the 1600.

Maggie Anderson dropped 18 seconds in the 1600 to run 6:39.91.

Juliette Kielbasa dropped another 3 seconds off of her mile to run 6:09.08.

Many more PR's at Friday's JJ Updike

Gemma Marx placed second in the 100, running a personal best 14.21. Rory Bradley also set a personal best in that event, 14.82 and a personal best in the 200, 30.71. Elizabeth Stroboch won the pole vault, tying her personal best of 10-6. Bri Marsh was second in the pole vault with 8-6 and Lauren Broussard tied her personal best of 7-6, to place third.

Rainy weather make for tough conditions at Glen Allen

The jumpers struggled in their events with the soggy conditions. Klarisa Amos still managed to tie her personal best of 4-10 in high jump and finish 4th in the Glen Allen Invitational. She also finished 8th in triple jump.

Lily's cheering squad

They sure were in good spirits despite the weather. They came to Richmond to cheer the Western Runners and especially their older sister Lily Smith.

Lily Smith ran a personal best to win her heat in the 800, running 2:31.42.

Sadie ran 4:58.47 to win the 1600, running #3 all-time best for a WAHS athlete.

Hailey Hodson dropped 18 seconds off of her 1600 time to run 5:13.25. She is the fifth Warrior this season to go 5:13 or better.

Jordan Stone ran her personal best time in the 200, running 27.92.

Amelia Sims also ran a personal best in the 3200, knocking another 3 seconds off her best time. The Warriors now have a week without any meets where they can focus on training for Regionals and States. The Region Meet is on the 25th at Louisa. The 26th is the rain date. Field Events will start around 11:15 am and Running Events at 12:45.

Dogwood Returns!

The Dogwood returned this year after a two year hiatus due to Covid. The meet was full of great competition with schools from all over Virginia as well as North Carolina. The Friday Night competition had to be postponed till the next morning due to weather so things got rolling bright and early at 8:30. The weather was cool and drizzly at times. Very strange for this time of year.

The Western 4 x 800 ran a season best with Hailey Hodson, Sienna Collier, Sadie Adams, and Jordan Stone. They are currently ranked second in the state in all divisions. They won some pretty sweet backpacks and got an interview with The Daily Progress. It was a pretty special way to start off the meet.

Sadie & Grace Set Outdoor PR's

Sadie Adams and Grace Cook had to wait a long time to race the 3200. The winds had died down by the time they raced and the weather was pretty good for distance racing. Sadie ran a smart race in a loaded field to finish 6th with a time of 10:49.59. That time is a Western Albemarle School Record! Keep in mind, Sadie is just a freshman. Just a week ago, she was not feeling so great and this week she breaks a school record. Keep that filed away in your brain. There will be ups and downs. Don't get too down when things don't go your way. Figure out if there is something you can change to make things better and keep plugging away. Congrats to Sadie on this huge accomplishment.

Grace Cook also ran a personal best in the 3200. She won the second section running an 11:28.92. She also ran a smart race and paced most of it by herself. She got to hear her name called out by the announcer, multiple times. It really was "The Grace Cook Show".

Pole Vaulters Flying High

Raina Fitzwater placed 7th and Cierra Halloran 9th in some stiff competition. The 9-10 mile per hour winds and cool temperatures made for tricky conditions, but the WA vaulters still performed well. Raina went 11-0, Cierra 10-6, and Caroline Pearson 9-0.

Lily Smith PR's in the 1600

Lily Smith was literally entered last in the 1600. While we did not dwell on that fact, or even mention it, Lily probably figured that out when she got her hip number. Either way, it did not deter her and she ended up beating 18 people and setting a 4 second PR. Amelia Sims also set a PR in the 3200 and was just 2 seconds off the regional qualifying time.

Western Wins 3 Relays at the Harrisonburg JV Meet

The Western Girls dominated the relay events, winning the 4 x 100, 4 x 200, and 4 x 400. In the 4 x 100 and 4 x 200, Rory Bradley, Anna Dellimore, Gemma Marx, and Maddie Hill combined for the win running 55.74 and 2:01.11. In the 4 x 400 Abbie Apicella, Emerson Ritter, Maddie Hill and Emma Schmitz combined for the win, running 4:41.20. Emma Schmitz also won the 400 and the 1600. She ran 64.63, and 5:25.30. Her mile time is the 4th fastest middle school time in the state.

The Pole Vaulters went 1, 2, 3, 4 with Raina Fitzwater, Bri Marsh, Caroline Strobach, and Evie Woodrow. Audrey Miracle took first in shot put and Ava Jackson placed third. Evie Woodrow also placed third in long jump.

Carolina Distance Festival was a PR Festival for WA

The girls had a great time at The Carolina Distance Festival. We knew their would be great competition and also the chance to meet Craig Engles, the HS 1600 record holder in North Carolina. The event was held at Weddington High School, which is where he attended. The program is well known for producing amazing distance runners. Craig turned out to be a super nice guy and happily posed for pictures and chatted with the girls. Our very own Eleanor Abell is related to him by marriage, which supports the theory that Eleanor really is related to everyone. Nearby Cuthbertson High School was also present. Their top 800 m girls were at Penn Relays, running a 9:04 for the 4 x 800, to place second behind a Jamaican team. They are a huge school and also have a well known distance team.

Hailey Hodson and Jordan Stone went 2:19.93 and 2:20.13 in the second fastest heat. Hailey achieved her goal of breaking 2:20 in the 800. Jordan shaved off almost another second. They finished 13th and 14th out of 106 girls.

Sienna Collier continues to slice into her PR with a five second drop to run 2:24.81. It has been exciting to see her come on and race strong to the finish in every race.

Lily had a big six second PR to run 2:32.87. She is just a freshman so she has plenty of time to improve, but I expect she will break that 2:30 mark, very soon.

Emerson Ritter and Abbie Apicella worked together for a good bit of the Middle School 1600 race. Emerson knocked off another 5 seconds from her PR set just a week ago, running 6:01.96 Abbie ran a five second PR as well, finishing in 6:12.49.

Jenna drops another second

Jenna, with her recent PR was not in the best heat to push her, but she still managed to drop another second off of her 1600 time, running by herself for half of the race. Her new PR is 5:09.41.

Grace drops 6 seconds!

Grace really worked hard in this race. Her heat went out fast, but she managed to keep a good pace throughout and ended up with a big PR and sub 5:15 for the first time. Her new PR is 5:13.87.

Eleanor, always a leader.

Eleanor wasn't feeling the best, but being the hard working, no excuses kind of girl she was, she shook off her migrane and tried her best. She still had a headache the next day and never complained.

The next day we headed to The US White Water Rafting Center in Charlotte. There was a festival going on and the girls were going to do an "easy" trail run. Of course that was not possible because these girls are so competitive. Sadie Adams, Hailey Hodson, and Grace Cook took the first three spots on the approximately 7 mile trail run. Only a few of us fell. Jenna sustained a big strawberry on her left cheek, but most of us survived unscathed, or so we thought.

Realizing that there were no food opportunities in the Center open, we rushed off to . . . McDonalds for breakfast. I have to admit I was surprised to find some healthy options. We rushed back to go to do The Obstacle Course, which was really a scavenger hunt that had the girls running/walking all over the park. After about 45 minutes of this the girls decided that they were going to ditch the scavenger hunt and go to the vendor tents. They had a great time getting lots of free stickers, chapsticks, etc. There was one tent where poop identification was going on. Jenna and Jordan turned out to be very good at identifying poop from various forms of wild life.

The next day we were all so surprised how sore we were. At least George Hodson, Lily and I were.

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After many years, a Meet at Home!

Jenna Stutzman drops 10 seconds to pop a 5:10 1600

Jenna Stutzman, in her final season, is really coming on. She has been plagued with injuries after having a stress fracture earlier this year. Finally things are going her way and she is starting to run the times we have known she was capable of. It was great to see her win her favorite event on her home track.

Hailey Hodson wins 400-800 Double

Hailey and the other 400 meter runners, used the home meet as a training meet, running the difficult 400-800 double. Hailey won both events, coming from behind on a windy homestretch in the 400. She also came from behind in the 800 to win which is not easy to do when you have several girls all running right around 2:20.

4 x 100

The 4 x 100 team ran a season best time of 52.52 with team members Jordan Henderson, Briana Marsh, Caroline Hill and Klarisa Amos. They placed second. Klarisa was also second in the triple jump with a state qualifying jump of 31-06.50. She was 4th in long jump and 6th in high jump. Elizabeth Strobach won the long jump and was 2nd in high jump, both regional marks. Caroline Hill was 3rd, both clearing 4-8. Caroline was also 3rd in the triple jump with a 31-06.50 mark. Elizabeth was also third in Pole Vault with a 10-6. Cierra Halloran and Raina Fitzwater took first and second.

Gemma Marx was 4th in the 100 and Jordan Henderson was fifth in the 200 running into the wind on the straightaway.

Amelia Sims

Amelia won the 3200 with a time of 13:31.39. She and Mabelli Sumner went 1-3 in that event. Sadie Adams was second in the 1600 and 5th in the 800. Grace Cook was third in both those events. Jenna, Sadie, & Grace, all ran state QT's. Jordan Stone was second in the 400 and came back to place fourth in the 800. Sienna Collier placed third in the 400 with a personal best time of 64.10. Jordan Henderson was 6th in that event. Lily Smith ran her PR in the 1600 to place 4th in 5:42.31.

Leah Brethren placed third in the 100 hurdles with a regional mark of 17.85. Lauren Broussard finished 4th in that event.

Eighth Graders Shine on Relays

Paige Morris

Paige showed she will be fighting for a spot on the 4 x 800 team next year by running an excellent 800 time of 2:39. She has been very consistent with her training and works hard. We are just getting a glimpse of her potential.

Emerson Ritter

Emerson splits her time between swimming and running, but is able to balance the two nicely. She is also showing some 4 x 800 potential by running 2:40 on her split at the home meet.

Maddie Hill

Maddie is one of the most exciting up and coming sprinters. She prefers the 100 and 200, but showed us that she could be fighting for a spot on the 4 x 400 team next year. She ran a 64.05 on her leg of the relay.

Senior Night!

Eleanor Abell

Eleanor Abell was celebrated at the home meet. Eleanor has been on the team for four years. She has been a great leader. She is soft spoken, but leads by example. Her practice attendance and work ethic are impeccable. She plans to major in biology at The College of Charleston.

Her advice to her teammates:

"Don’t judge your success on teammates/competitors accomplishments and try to make every hard workout or race as fun as possible."

Jenna Stutzman

Jenna has been a team member for 5 years and has won several state titles. She plans to go to UVA in the fall hoping to go on a pre-med track.

When asked what accomplishment is she most proud of, she answered:

"Winning cross country states in my junior year, because it was a really hard race, and pushing through a lot of injury problems this year. I’m also so proud of what we’ve accomplished this year, both individually and as a team."

Gus Lacy: More State Qualifiers, More PR's

The Pole Vaulters had an amazing day at Gus Lacy. Only two entries were allowed and one wild card entry. They used their three slots to get two new PR's and one PR was tied. All three are well above the state qualifying height of 9 feet. Raina Fitzwater won the event with a vault of 11-6. Cierra Halloran finished second with 11-6, a new personal best for both of them. Elizabeth Strobach finished fifth, tying her personal best of 10-6.

4 x 8 Relay Second best in the State

The 4x8 Relay team shocked the coaches with their early season time of 9:34.18. That time is the second fastest in the state, behind 6A power house South Lakes. Three out of four girls ran relay best despite having no competition for most of the race. Sienna Collier dipped under 2:30 for the first time on the lead off leg. Hailey Hodson ran a solid 2:24 leg. Both Jordan Stone and Jenna Stutzman split 2:20 their fastest relay split ever. All this while running alone. Can't wait to see what they can do with competition. The School record is 2:25.40 and with a little more speed, and some competition we could see that record fall.

Blazing 800 times Continued

Later in the day Jenna Stutzman and Hailey Hodson came back to place second and third in the 800, both running personal best times of 2:20.05 and 2:21.35. Those times are also state qualifying times and prove that the 4 x 800 relay record is in danger. Hailey ran three seconds faster with a competitive field. Hailey and Jenna did a great job of pushing each other at the perfect time in the the race. Hailey is good at taking things out at a daring pace, while Jenna's strength is coming through in the second half of the race to start the final surge to the finish.

Sadie Adams

Sadie placed second in the 1600, running an early season time of 5:08.37. Well under the state qualifying time and second to Reese Dalton who is currently the fastest miler in the State.

Grace Cook

Grace ran her outdoor PR in the 1600 to place third in 5:20.05. She also qualified for state in that event.

Sienna Collier

Sienna's times are dropping and she has quickly made her way onto the 4 x 400 team. Her time of 64.19 placed her seventh and is a new personal best in the 400. Jordan Stone placed 4th in 62.2, a strong early season time after running a personal best on the 4 x 8.

Regional Qualifiers

We also had several regional qualifiers at Gus Lacey. Leah Brethren placed 7th in the high hurdles with a time of 17.91. In Triple Jump, Klarisa Amos jumped 30-01.50 and 4-8 in high jump to place 5th in that event. Both were regional marks. Caroline Hill also high jumped a regional mark of 4-6 to place 6th.

Newbies represent at Louisa

The MS girls won the 4 x 8 with Chloe Sachno, Paige Morris, Ellie Klaff-Laymon, & Emma Schmitz. Chloe ran a 9 second personal best on the lead off leg. They also won the 4x4 replacing Chloe with Emerson Ritter. Both relays rank second in the state among Middle Schoolers. Emma also won the 400 in 64.4 which is ranked 2nd in the state, then came back in the relay to split 61.5 walking down 2 girls in an epic finish. Maddie Hill won the 200 with a 27.85 currently ranked 5th in MS times. She was also third in the 100. Gemma Marx was 5th in the 100 and ran a personal best in the 200 in 29.87. Ellie Klaff-Laymon was second in the 400 running a personal best time of 66.51. Emerson Ritter was 4th in the 1600 in 5:06.66 and Paige Morris was 4th in the 800 running negative splits. To see more results, click here.

Western Wins at MHS

Western won it’s first regular season meet against CHS, Tandem, MHS, and Albemarle. The girls had several people get state qualifying marks. The pole vaulters finished 3rd, 4th, tied for 5th, 8th and 10th. Cierra Halloran and Raina Fitzwater, cleared 11-0, a qualifying vault for states. Briana Marsh and Caroline Pearson both cleared 8-6, regional qualifying vaults.

Running 4 x 8, 1600, 4 x 4 triple.

The 4 x 800 relay team ran 9:50.69 with legs run by Hailey Hodson, Sienna Collier, Jordan Stone, and Jenna Stutzman. Their time was a State QT. Those four came back in the 1600 to place 1-4 in the 1600. Jenna led the way running a state qualifying time. Hailey and Jordan ran a regional time finishing second and third. Sienna finished fourth with Mabelli Sumner finishing 7th with a personal best time of 6:24.

Distance Girls racing the 4 x 400

The same group of four ran the 400 and finished 1, 2, 3rd and 5th. Jordan led the way with a personal best time of 61.80. Jenna was second in 63.07, also a personal best. Hailey ran a personal best 63.93 for third and Sienna ran a personal best of 65.01. All four qualified for regionals.

800 - 3200 Double

In the 800 Sadie Adams, Grace Cook, and Eleanor Abell took 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Sadie’s and Grace’s times were regional qualifying times. For Grace and Eleanor it was a personal best. They came back in the 3200 in trainers and ran to get in a good work out. Sadie, qualified for State's with a time of 11:22 on her third race of the day. The other two qualified for regionals.

Klarisa Amos in the Jumps

Klarisa Placed 3rd in the high jump, 3rd in the triple jump and 5th in the long jump. All regional qualifying marks. Elizabeth Strobach won the high jump with a jump of 4-10.

Caroline Hill in the Jumps

Caroline was 2nd in high jump, 5th in triple jump, and 6th in long jump. Her high jump was a regional qualifying jump.

Sprint/Field Team Competes at Woodberry Forest

Western opened up the varsity season with a small meet at Woodberry Forest on April 14th. Jordan Henderson had an outstanding first meet winning the 200 in 28.21 and taking second in the 100 in 13.47. Lizzy DelCarmen took third in both events. Leah Brethren won the 100 hurdles in 18.85 and placed fourth in the 200 in 29.21.

In the field events, Klarisa led the way, winning the high jump with a jump of 4-10 and placing second and fourth in the triple and long jump. Caroline hill placed second in the high jump and third in the triple jump.

In the pole vault the vaulters had good early season performances placing 1-4. Cierra Halloran and Raina Fitzwater went first and second, both vaulting 11-0. Elizabeth Strobach was third with 10-6 and Evie Woodrow was 4th with 8-0. Evie also placed second in the long jump with a jump of 15-8.

Western will compete this Wednesday at Monticello.

Eight Graders Dominate at Amherst Middle School Meet

Relay Team Wins 4 x 800

The Relay team of Chloe Sachno, Emerson Ritter, Ellie Klaff-Laymon, and Abbie Apicella, destroyed the competition by lapping one team and almost another. The team averaged just over 2:55 a leg to finish with a great early season time of 11:41.27. They all ran their first lap 10 seconds or more faster than their second. Once they learn how to pace the 800, expect those times to really drop. Most top 800 runners have a two second differential. While we have some work to do on that, they did a great job on the hand-offs.

Maddie Hill wins 100m and 200m

Maddie Hill won both the 100 and the 200, posting excellent early season times. In the both races, she did this without blocks. For some reason they did not give the girls blocks, while the guys were given blocks as were the 100 Hurdles. Not sure what happened there, but know that you can ask for them if not offered. Maddie still managed to run 13.82 and 29.58 .

Ellie Klaff-Laymon Finds her Race

Ellie is new to running and we are still figuring out what races the girls will fit best. Ellie popped off a 66.66 in the 400, her first time running it. She ran in training flats and really ran smart, getting off the line fast, striding down the backstretch before accelerating into the turn. We are really excited to see her develop as a runner.

Juliette Runs Big PR!

Juliette Kielbasa ran a 15 second personal best, placing second in the 1600 with a time of 6:12.14. She did it while smiling and laughing every time she passed the cheering squad. The girls did a great job of supporting each other throughout the cold meet.

Maggie Runs Sub 7:00!

Maggie Anderson had a rough start to running. She found out that she was anemic and has steadily been getting faster and faster as she has upped her iron intake. She paced the mile perfectly, starting in the back of a field of 13 and gradually passing runners, ending up 7th in the mile with a 6:57.64

Emerson Places 2nd in 800

Emerson Ritter ran the open 800 as well as the 4 x 800 and ran both races right around 1:50. The second race she managed to pace it a little better, already getting a feel for the distance.

Abby Places 3rd in 800

Abby Apicella was also a part of the winning 4 x 800 team and also placed third in the 800 with a 2:56.24.

Chloe Places 7th in 400

Chloe Sachno ran a 77.02 om the 400 after running a 3:00 split on the 4 x 800 relay. Chloe's practice attendance has improved and her times are really starting to show from the consistency.

Complete results can be found here.

Adidas Nationals Day Two

Emma Runs Virginia's Top MS 1600 time

The Personal bests continued to drop on Saturday at The Adidas Nationals in Virginia Beach. Emma Schmitz had a stressful trip to Virginia Beach, having to be redirected in traffic which is all too common in the Chesapeake Bay area. Once she got to the beach she went straight to warming up. Emma ran in a stacked field of middle schoolers from all over the country. She paced it like a pro and finished in fourth place with an amazing time of 5:22.67. It is now listed as the top middle school time in the state.

Grace Breaks 5:20!

Next up was Lily Smith in the Freshman mile where she placed 12th. Grace Cook was in the National Elite Mile. She ran a super smart race running negative splits and running a 7 second personal best time of 5:19.65.

Jordan Stone got a chance to run an open 400 using blocks. She ran an indoor PR and was just a tenth off of her outdoor PR.

Carter Wins 800!

Then the Middle Schoolers were at it again in the 800. The race was called back the first time when Emma Schmitz and another girl got tangled up and went down in the first turn. The race officials decided that 12 across a waterfall start might be just too much so they created an alley and they were off. Carter Torrence, casually made her way to the front of the race by the third lap and then proceeded to lengthen her lead to win in 2:21.63. Emma finished 6th in 2:29.29, another personal best for each of them. Carter’s time puts her second in the state for the middle school 800. Emma’s time puts her 7th.

4 x 8 finishes 4th

Saturday Evening was the 4 x 800 and the girls were hoping to break the school record. The times they ran the night before, when added together would put them 3 seconds under. The girls ran in a perfectly matched field and ended up 4th, but was just a half of a second shy of the indoor record. All four of them ran their best relay split to date and came away with the second fastest indoor 4 x 800 in Western Albemarle history.

4 x Mile Wins!

The next morning there was just one race left to run. I jokingly told the girls if they didn’t beat Albemarle, they’d be walking home. (Was I joking?). Jenna Stutzman got us off to a good start, fighting a last minute surge from New England Elite, handing off the baton in first with her best time of the season. Grace ran strong on her leg, with another surge from New England Elite who seemed content with following our runners on pretty much every leg. Hailey took the baton in second place, but being Hailey, she took no time to take the lead. Again, New England Elite just sat on our runner and kicked like she was running a 400. Hailey ran her personal best time, breaking 5:30 for the first time to run 5:26.21. Sadie then took over and in no time caught The New England Elite runner who seemed to be waiting for Sadie. Sadie blew past her and the girl could not respond. Sadie went on to finish well ahead and in first place with the top time in Virginia and the 10th time in the nation, 21:27.28. She got to break the tape at the end and they all got to be interviewed by milestat. It was a great way to end our indoor season.

Adidas Nationals Day One Coverage

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The Western Girls continue to post amazing times as they ride out the wave of this peak in Virginia Beach at Adidas Nationals. While the field at this nationals is small, there is plenty of quality to push this group of girls to new personal bests. The first event for us was the 800. All four girls entered in the 800 ran their personal best times. Jenna Stutzman almost won the first heat, running almost 3 seconds faster than she did on her state meet relay split, finishing with a personal best time of 2:21.70. Hailey Hodson finished third in that heat knocking another two seconds off her personal best. In the next heat, Jordan Stone casually ran in the back of the pack before storming up to take the lead. She and Sadie Adams went 1-2 in the second heat, both setting personal best times of 2:20.97 and 2:21.20.

Later it was Carter Torrence's turn to run a 400. It was the first time she has run the open 400 after running it a couple of times on a relay. Carter was in the 5th heat and was using blocks in a meet for the first time. She only learned to use them this past week. Carter did an awesome job moving to the front, just in time to beat all the runners to the break line. She continued to run strong finishing in a shocking 58.85! That time is faster than any WAHS female in the last 22 years.

The DMR's turn to run came after 8 pm. The meet has run perfectly on schedule which makes timing warm-ups a dream. The girls only had two other teams in the race, but the good news was these two teams were right on our level. Each team took a turn at the lead and when it was all done, Crozet finished second. Hailey lead off and stayed with the speedy lead off legs, Jordan took her turn running her fastest 400 to date, 61.3. Jenna ran another strong 800, and Sadie ran the last 1600 leg, trading off with a team from New England Elite. The girls were awarded huge medals and many photos were taken.

New Balance Nationals a Real Treat for Adams and Cook

Grace Cook and Sadie Adams travelled with their families to New York City to the historical Armory to run in The New Balance National Meet. Grace got the chance to hit the track first in The Rising Stars Section of the 2 mile Friday morning. Coach Katie held a watch party at Western Albemarle and Coach Cherie held a watch party with a special group of second graders at Brownsville. Grace ran a smart race, just hanging around 5th place most of the way. Some of the runners went out a bit too fast and started coming back to Grace who had a strong finish. At the finish Grace did her old sneak in at the line trick. She managed to catch a runner at the line, who tried to push Grace out. The second grade class, by this time had a vested interest hearing that Grace's siblings went to Brownsville. They were not too happy about the girl pushing Grace. They all cheered when I told them, that Grace prevailed and beat the girl anyway. Grace finished 4th in her heat and had a 13 second personal best. Her 3200 time was 11:23.38 and 11:36.28 for the full 2 mile. This puts Grace #6 All-Time in Western's Record Books for the indoor 3200.

We had to wait all day to watch Sadie run her section. Finally around 4 pm she toed the line. She went out even slower than Grace did. Hanging in the back, running a patient race, Sadie hid in the back until the second mile when she started moving up. With 4 laps to go, Sadie really started passing people. Her final quarter was just under 75 and she ended up second in her heat. Sadie's maturity as a runner has come a long way in just one year. Last year, she would anxiously race for the lead at the beginning of each race. She has the confidence now to run smart from behind. This allows her to conserve energy so that she will have her kick at the end. Her time of 10:41.42 for 3200, puts her second in the record books, behind Maddie Webb. Her time for the full 2 miles was 10:44.80. Sadie has one more race on Sunday. We will all be cheering her on from Crozet.

Day Two of State Meet: Mardi Gras Magic!

Caroline Pearson competed with fractures in her foot and came up just short of placing.

Cierra Halloran vaulted 10-6 and tied for 4th.

Elizabeth Strobach looks on as Cierra Vaults.

Raina Fitswater talks to Coach Matheny after finishing in a tie for second.

Sadie Adams breaks 5:00!

Sadie wears a bracelet with a little metal washer. On that bracelet you will see the time she has been chasing all season. She accomplished that goal at the state meet and claimed third place in a super competitive field. She qualified for The Championship section of the girls mile at NB Nationals. She also became the first freshman in school's history to break 5:00. She is now ranked second, all time in the school's history for the indoor 1600. She is just a little more than a second off of the school record.

Sadie finishing, knocking a big 6 seconds off of her PR!

Sadie has been putting in the work and doing all the little things that make a good runner great. No matter how talented you are, you don't reach this level without the kind of focus and preparation that Sadie has put forth. She is also humble, and always displaying great sportsmanship.

Getting post race hugs from team mates

Teammate support is a big part of our success. The girls are fiercely competitive, but they are always there to congratulate each other. There is mutual respect for everyone when you are all working towards the same goal of self improvement. Shout out to Eleanor Abell, Sienna Collier, Lily Smith, Elizabeth DelCarmen, and Jordan Henderson, who came to support the girls at state meet.

Making her Mama Proud

I think it is important to realize how much joy you bring your parents. They know how hard you've worked and they've invested a lot of time and energy supporting you every step of the way, from driving you here and there, feeding you, making sure you have the gear you need, and worrying about you day and night. Make sure you've thanked your parents for all they've done to help you be happy and successful.

Jordan Stone Places 6th at States #4 in WA History

Jordan Stone has been building back all season. She struggles to keep her iron levels in the normal range and after being anemic during cross-country, she started the season a bit behind her usual times. She has been training hard throughout and never gave up. She ran a perfectly executed race, staying cool as a cucumber as the pack went out, she ran her race. She was in 5th place in her heat going into the final 150 when stormed up the backstretch going around 4 competitors to take the lead and win her heat. Unfortunately she was not in the fast heat, but that didn't keep her from placing and running a personal best 1:20.03 which puts her 4th in Western Albemarle's history behind the great Tasmin Fanning, Olympic Trials Qualifier and Virginia Tech grad.

Hailey Hodson Leads Treo of Runners to Top 5 Placing

Hailey has a way of stepping on a starting line and putting herself out there. Sometimes way out there. She did this in Dash for Doobie and came away with an awesome time in the 3200 as she fought to stay out in front. She doesn't care who is on the starting line. I believe we could have Michaela Meyer in the race and she would still try to take the lead. Her boldness doesn't always get her the win, but it usually gets her a good time and mad respect from her competitors. In the state meet she toed the line with Zoie Lamanna who had run 2:59.49 coming into this meet. Hailey's previous best was a full 7 seconds slower. So to say this was a gutsy move is putting it lightly. She took the lead and held onto it till the bell lap. Zoie may have passed her, but Hailey held off the rest of the field including her teammates who also had better previous best times. Hailey's time puts her 7th on Western's All-Time list, just one second behind Zoe Clay, current Wake Forest track and XC runner. She also pulled Sadie Adams to a personal best time and third place finish. Sadie was coming back from the 1600 and knocked another 1.5 seconds off her best time. Sadie currently sits 10th on Western's All-Time list. Jenna Stutzman placed 5th running 4 seconds faster than her performance at Regionals.

Grace Cook sets PR in Loaded Field of 3200 meter runners

Grace Cook has had a solid season, chipping away at her 3200 personal best. She knocked another second off of her Indoor 3200 personal best, to finish just out of scoring in 9th place. She has one more shot at breaking 11:30 at Nationals where she will compete in The Rising Stars Section in one week. Grace's time, 11:36.35 puts her 12th on Western's All-Time Indoor 3200 list.

4 x 400 Team runs 4th fastest time in Team History

Going into the 4 x 400, we were behind two teams who were tied at 58.5. We also knew that neither of those teams would likely win. Heritage (Newport News), had an amazing 4 x 400, with Madison Whyte having run sub 38 in the 300, and two more runners who had run sub 42. We knew that they'd have to drop the baton in order for any of the team's to beat them. The ten points they'd get in the relay would catapult them into the lead. Our best hope was to place second in the relay to place second in the meet. The girls all ran their personal best times. Jordan Stone took it out and managed to come in just behind the powerhouse team, running 61.72. Hailey Hodson kept things interesting, finishing with a 62.2 and just one stride behind the incredible team. Cat Domecq, finally looking back in full form after having Covid earlier this season, ran 62.5, a full two seconds faster than last week. Meaghan Hundley was our anchor, and despite running an amazing PR of 60.9, she was unable to hold off the team from Deep Creek who had an anchor leg that split 56.1! Our team ran 4:07.17, the fourth fastest time in team history, only one one-hundredth of a second off of the third place team. In the end Heritage won the meet with 59 points, Atlee and Jefferson Forest tied for second with 58 points and we finished with 56.5 points, just 2.5 points out of first. So just like last week at Regionals, every point matters.

Despite finishing fourth, the coaches are immensely proud of what the girls accomplished this season. Throughout the season the girls improved dramatically and it was exciting to see them grow and reach a whole new level. It is our first year in 4A and I am undoubtedly sure we have left an impression on this division. We are not to be taken lightly. We are a fiercely competitive group of runners who are willing and able to race with the best.

Day One Action of State Meet

4 x 8 Qualifies for Nationals, Winning 4 x 800

The goal was to break 9:40 so we could qualify for Nationals. The goal was also to win. We knew that there were several teams who had anchor legs capable of running 2:15. Since our power comes from four strong legs, we knew we'd need to get a lead for our anchor, Jordan Stone.

Everyone did their part. Hailey Hodson got us out with an amazing start. She PR'd by 4 seconds and came in neck in neck with another team. Jenna Stutzman's experience paid off as she managed to get the lead coming out of the exchange zone. Jenna continued to build the lead and handed off to Sadie Adam's.

Sadie went out strong and just kept rolling. We managed to build about a 9 second lead for Jordan, but would it be enough? Jamestown and Fauquier were battling it out for second and the gap closed to 4 seconds going into the final lap. Jordan pushed hard, running a personal best 2:21.24 to secure the win.

Caroline Hill Places 6th

In her first year on the track team, Caroline Hill managed to place 6th at the state meet, by clearing both 4-8 and 4-10 on her first jump. She only recently cleared 4-10 for the first time. For her to be so rock steady on her first trip to the state meet is impressive to say the least.

Region 4 D: Where Every Point Mattered!

Western Wins Region 4 D by One Point!

The Lady Warriors were not exactly favored to win the 4 D Regionals. After all we have just moved up in the more competitive division, but the girls fought and scrapped for every single point and were able to overtake the favorites, Jefferson Forest and Blacksburg to win in an extremely close meet. WA 119.5, Jefferson Forest 118.5 and Blacksburg 117.5. I doubt you will find a more exciting score in any of the region meets. A total of 19 girls contributed to the scoring and as you can see by the score, every place and every point mattered.

Pole Vaulters Place 2nd, 4th, 7th, & 8th

Raina Fitzwater led the group of pole vaulters with an 11 foot second place finish. Cierra Halloran, pictured above, was 4th for The Warriors with a vault of 10-6. Caroline Pearson finished 7th and Bri Marsh finished 8th for a total of 16 points to get the team off to a great start.

Caroline Hill placed 4th in the high jump, after coming in ranked 7th. She cleared 4-10 for the first time and secured her spot at the state meet.

Klarisa Amos had her personal best jumps in triple jump and long jump to place 4th and 5th. She jumped 34-09.5 in triple jump and 15-7.5 in long jump. Caroline Hill also managed to pick up a point in triple jump finishing 8th.

Winning Relay Teams

We managed to get 25 points out of our relay teams. The 4 x 800 team of Sienna Collier, Hailey Hodson, AJ Torrence, and Jordan Stone won with a season best time of 10:12.94. Three out of the four girls ran personal bests. In the 4 x 400, pictured above, the team of Meghan Hundley, Hailey Hodson, Jordan Stone and Cat Domecq, ran knowing that we were three points down from Jefferson Forest. Jordan Stone set the tone, blasting out her fastest 400 of the season and leaving the competition in the dust. This allowed our team to have clean handoffs, with little pressure. The rest of the team continued to build a comfortable lead running with strength and determination to secure the win.

The 4 x 200 team of Lizzy DelCarmen, Bri Marsh, Jordan Henderson, and Gabi Andres placed 4th in their fastest time on an indoor track this season, 1:54.23.

1000 m Runners take 2nd, 3rd, and 5th

If you didn't see the 1000 m race, than you missed out. The lead was held by four different people as the girls all took turns fighting their way to the front. The impressive Zoie Lamanna from Jefferson Forest ended up with the win, but there is strength in numbers. Sadie Adams finished second, Hailey finished third, both running personal best times. Jenna Stutzman, in her first race back in four weeks, placed 5th. Together they scored 17 points in that one event.

500 m runners take 1st, 5th, and 6th

The 500 m runners of Jordan Stone, AJ Torrence and Sienna Collier ran impressive races. Jordan ran her fastest time this season on an indoor track. AJ ran a personal best time, coming in ranked 9th and finishing 5th. Sienna finished with her personal best time on an indoor track, just two one hundredths behind AJ.

Together they scored 15 points in that event.

300 m runners take 4th, 6th, and 7th

Meghan Hundley ran a strong finish on her 300, to finish 4th in 44.74, which was her best time on an indoor track. Cat Domecq finished 6th in 45.17 and Jordan Henderson placed 7th with a personal best time of 45.25. Jordan came in ranked 10th in the region and it was good to see her finishing the season strong. The 300 runners combined for 10 important points.

Grace Cook and Eleanor Abell Go 2 & 7 in the 3200

Grace and Eleanor both ran their personal best times on an indoor track to finish second and seventh. Grace finished in 11:37.37 and Eleanor ran a 12:32.92. Together they combined for 10 points to add to the scoring.

Sadie Adams with 2 second place finishes and 2 PRs.

Sadie Adams, floated around the track, running her personal best 5:06.34 running the fastest time by a freshman in school history. Her time ranks her 4th in Western's history for the indoor 1600. She also finished 2nd in the 1000 with a time that just makes the top 12 in school history, 3:05.90. Sadie alone, brought in 16 points for the team.

Earning a Shell!

Some of the girls were introduced to an old tradition. The starter awards the shell of the blank shot from the gun to the girls in the winning 4 x 800. If you win an event you may be given one of these prized possessions. Some girls have won so many that their was discussion of fashioning jewelry out of them.

PR Pops

Caroline Hill and Klarisa Amos sit lounging on the high jump pit enjoying their post event PR pop. We tend to give these out for people setting PR's in the post season meets. Congrats to all the girls on their performances. There were many personal bests to celebrate. While this was the last meet for many, we will take a small, but mighty group to the State Meet.

Michaela Meyer Comes to WA

We were fortunate to have Michaela Meyer, NCAA 2021 800 m champion come out to speak to the team on the 18th. Michaela answered questions for roughly 30 minutes. Some of my take a ways:

  • She was not highly recruited out of high school.

  • When asked, what made the difference in the past year going into NCAAs and the Olympic trials, she said she felt hungry for it after COVID which led her to pay attention to all the little things like, sleep, nutrition, stretching, etc.

  • She spoke about how much she loves the sport and had a lot of respect for her coaches.

  • Her most notable success came in her 5th year as a graduate student.

  • She has weathered many plateaus in performance.

  • There were times she thought about quitting.

  • She cross trains 3 hours a week. : )

  • She does weight training twice a week

  • She comes across as a happy positive person.

Louisa Polar Bear: Perfect Weather, Amazing Times!

Carter Torrence Blazes past the top JV Boys

Carter Torrence had one of the most exciting races of the meet and it was in the JV section of the 800. The boys and girls ran together with Carter running in third place most of the way. In the last 200, Carter closed a 20 meter gap to the second place guy and then somehow closed another 10 meter gap to catch the top runner, winning in sub 2:25 for the 800. Later she came back to run a sub 27 split in the 4 x 200 and a 44.36 in the 300.

Western Goes 1-2-3 in the 300

The 300 meter runners all set personal bests taking the top three spots. Meghan Hundley led the way, running a 44.48. Bri Marsh was second in 45.12, and Jordan Henderson was third in 45.61. Meghan also anchored the 4 x 400 with a personal best split of 63.5. Bri Led off the 2nd place 4 x 200, and also won the 55 Hurdles, knocking a quarter second off her personal best. Caroline Pearson also ran her personal best to place second.

Girls take 1-2-3 in the 1600

Several 1600 girls ran personal bests. Sadie Adams ran two big personal bests winning both the 1600 and the 1000. Her time of 5:08.26 ranks her as the top freshman in the state. Grace Cook also ran a big personal best, finishing in 5:25.13 to qualify for the state meet. She also ran a regional QT in the 1000 and a personal best to place third. Eleanor Abell also knocked another 10 seconds off her personal best in the 1600 to qualify for Regionals and to place third. She came back to run another PR in the 1000. Amelia Sims finished 6th in the 1600, her personal best of 6:18.54.

Three QT's

Sadie dropped another two seconds off of her already amazing time in the 1000 to run a State QT in the 1000, 3:06.19

In One

She was followed closely by Hailey Hodson, who dropped 5 seconds to run 3:09.09


Grace Cook, who may have never run the 1000, comes in with a Region QT of 3:17.7? Not bad for a 2 miler.

Cat Domecq

Cat placed second in the 55 dash and also ran a leg on the 4 x 200, which ran their best time of the season. Lizzy DelCarmen finished fourth in the 55. She ran a leg on the 4 x 200, and set a personal best split in the 4 x 400, which ran a season best time and just shy of a State QT.

Maddie Hill

Maddie Hill won the JV 55 m, placed second in the 300m and ran a leg on the JV 4 x 200. Lilly Jamison finished second in the JV 55 and fourth in the JV 300.

Jordan Stone

Jordan Stone led a trio of 500 meter runners who all ran personal bests. Jordan ran a state qualifying time, winning the 500 in 1:22.23. Sienna Collier got third, running 1:25.91, a 4 second personal best. A.J. also ran a personal best, finishing in 5th.

Fabulous 8th Graders

In the JV 800, the girls ran incredibly well. We had 5 girls under 3:00 and two, just over. Carter led the way and Abby Apicella was a clear second, but then there was a close batch of girls coming in just under 3:00, Paige Morris, Juliet Kielbasa, and Annie Anderson, all dipped under 3:00. Just over 3:00 was Kelly Cummings and Maggie Anderson. These girls have worked hard all winter and they have come a long way. Many of them came back in the 1600. Paige Morris and Juliet Kielbasa ran personal bests to place second and third with Abby taking the win.

8th Grade Sensations

The 4 x 200 team had an outstanding day, running 9 seconds faster than they did a week ago. Maddie Hill, Carter Torrence, Lilly Jamison, and Autumn Wiecek combined to run an awesome time of 2:00. 02. This little talented group will be a big help next year as we lose several of the sprinters to graduation.

Elizabeth Strobach Shines in LJ

Elizabeth, taking a day off from pole vault, gave long jump a try. She placed second with a jump of 15-00.75. She was followed by teammates Caroline Hill in third, Mallory Greene in fourth, and Klarisa Amos in fifth.

Klarisa placed second in the triple jump with 32-06.5. Caroline and Mallory took 4th and 5th.

Lauren Broussard placed second in shot put, throwing 24-02.5

Caroline Hill won the high jump with a jump of 4-8,

The final event of the day was the 4 x 400. The girls all ran personal best or season best times. Three of the four girls split 63 with one girl going 65. Team members were Hailey Hodson, Jordan Stone, Lizzy DelCarmen and Meghan Hundley. They were just a few tenths off a state QT.

It is looking good for the Region Meet this Saturday. The girls all seem to be peaking at the right time.

8th Graders finally get to Race with their older teammates

It has been a challenging season getting the varsity runners in races, but it has been even more challenging getting opportunities for the 8th graders to race. This past weekend at Woodberry Forest, several 8th graders got their chance to race. Pictured left in yellow is Maddie Hill who was leading her team in the 4 x 200 at the end of the first leg running 28 seconds for her leg. She came back later to run a 68.4 split on her leg of the 4 x 400. Pictured to her left is Carter Torrence. She ran a 2:28 split on her leg of the 4 x 800 and 27 seconds on her leg of the 4 x 200.

Sadie Adams Gets 3rd State QT

In an exciting 1000 meter race, Sadie proved that she is not just a force in the 3200, but also in the 1000. She ran 3:07.92 which is the fastest time in the state by a freshman.

Meghan Hundley Wins 300 and anchors 2nd place 4 x 400 team.

Meghan Hundley has been on fire lately. She won the 300 with a personal best time of 45.49, a regional QT and came back to anchor the second place 4 x 400 with an impressive 64.13.

AJ Torrence Takes it out in the 500 and runs a regional QT

Maybe it was the birthday luck or just all the hard work starting to pay off. AJ ran a personal best to finish 3rd in the 500. She ran a brave race, taking it out hard and challenging the others. She ended up with a 2 second PR and a spot at regionals.

Eleanor Abell drops 7 seconds in the 1600 to place 4th

Eleanor Abell, running the mile in preparation for the 3200, managed to drop an impressive 7 seconds to break 6:00 for the first time. Eleanor has been flirting with breaking 6:00 for a long time. She has been one of the most dedicated team members and even though she is more of a 10K runner : ), she made it happen.

Hailey Hodson runs 5 second PR in the 1600 to finish 2nd

Hailey Hodson ran a strong race in the 1600, knocking off 5 seconds and then came back to run just one second off her personal best in the 1000. She also ran a strong opening leg on the second place 4 x 4 team.

Elizabeth Strobach wins the Pole Vault

Elizabeth led a crew of vaulters, placing three in the top four. Elizabeth vaulted 10-6 for the win. Lauren Broussard had her best jump, vaulting 8-0 to place third. Lauren also placed second in shot put. Evie Woodrow finished fourth in the pole vault with a vault of 7-6.

Jordan Stone Wins 500

Jordan continues to improve, running a season best 1:25.57 to win the 500. She anchored the winning 4 x 800 team, with a 2:33 split and ran a 65.34 split in the 4 x 400. She is shaping up just in time for the meets that matter. AJ was third in the 500 and Sienna Collier finished fourth after running her personal best on the 4 x 8. The three combined with Lily Smith to win the 4 x 800.

Jordon Henderson

Jordan Henderson has really made an impact in her first year of indoor track. She placed second in the 55 dash and third in the 300 in a personal best time of 46.17. She is also a regular member of the 4 x 400 team.

Klarisa Amos leads the team in Jumps

Klarisa is primarily a jump specialist. She placed second in the long jump and third in the triple jump. She also stepped up to run a leg on the 4 x 200 which placed second.

Grace Cook runs indoor PR in 3200

Grace ran her indoor best and finished less than a second off of state qualifying in the 3200. She placed second, in 11:43.92, a 9 second personal best on an indoor track.

Caroline Hill won the high jump in her personal best jump of 4-8. She also placed third in long jump and fourth in triple jump. She also had the fastest split on the second place 4 x 200 team. Caroline Pearson has been a big contributor in the pole vault and the 55 hurdles. She placed second in the 55 hurdles with her best time of 11.26. She also is a regular on the pole vault squad and she was a member of the second place 4 x 200. Lizzy DelCarmen was tied for second in the 55 dash and ran a leg in both the 4 x 200 and 4 x 400 relay teams. Lexi Steppe placed fourth in the 55 hurdles. Lily Smith placed fifth in the 1000 after running a leg on the winning 4 x 800 team and running a personal best on her leg in the 4 x 400 team.

Jefferson District Champs

The Warriors racked up points in several areas to win the Jefferson District with 148 points. Second place was CHS with 109 and Louisa with 92. The Warriors took 5 places in the pole vault which was even more remarkable by the fact their coach, Kevin Matheny, was out sick. Coach Matheny managed to instruct his vaulters by watching live video of the vaulters. They all helped out to make sure their fellow vaulters received the feedback necessary to do their best. Raina Fitzwater placed first and Elizabeth Strobach was third. The Warriors then took 5th, 6th, and 7th with Cierra Halloran, Caroline Pearson, and Briana Marsh.

In the 1600, the Warriors swept the top four places with Sadie Adams in first, Grace Cook in second, Hailey Hodson in third and Lily Smith in fourth. Hailey came back later in the meet to win the 1000. The Warriors also took four of the top seven with Lily Smith in fifth, Jordan Stone in 6th and Sienna Collier in seventh. Earlier, Jordan Stone placed second in the meet in the 500 where the Warriors took three of the top seven. AJ Torrence ran a 5 second PR to place 6th and Sienna Collier placed 7th. We also took three of the top seven in the 55 m Dash, with Jordan Henderson in third, Lizzy DelCarmen in fourth and Gabbi Andres in seventh.

In the relays The Warriors placed first in the 4 x 800, and second in both the 4 x 200 and 4 x 400. Team members were Sienna, AJ, Sadie & Grace in the 4x8, Gabi, Caroline H., Jordan H., Lizzy and Meghan in the 4x2 & 4x4. Meghan ran an outstanding 300 earlier to place second. Caroline Hill also placed second in the high jump and fourth in both the long and triple jump. Eleanor Abell placed second in the 3200, less than one second off the regional QT. Klarisa Amos placed third in the triple jump and Mallory Greene placed 5th in the long jump.

Pole Vaulters place 5 in the top 8 at Fred Hardy

Raina Fitzwater, Elizabeth Strobach, Caroline Pearson, Briana Marsh and Lauren Broussard placed 1,3, 5, 6, & 8th.

Raina Fitzwater

Raina cleared 11-00 to win the pole vault. Raina's vault is a state qualifying vault.

Elizabeth Strobach

Elizabeth finished third with a state qualifying vault of 10-0.

Caroline Pearson

Caroline set a personal best and qualified for the state meet with her vault of 9-6.

4 x 800 Qualifies for States

The 4 x 800 team of Grace Cook, Sadie Adams, Jordan Stone, and Hailey Hodson qualified for the state meet by winning the event with a 10:13.91

4 x 400 places second.

The 4 x 400 relay placed second with Gabi Andres, Jordan Henderson, Cat Domecq, and Jordan Stone.

Jenna Stutzman

Jenna Stutzman used the 3200 to get in a good workout for the 1600/1000. She placed first with 11:53.57. Teammate Lily Smith placed 4th with her indoor best time of 12:46.64

Klarisa Amos

Klarisa placed third in long jump and 4th in triple jump. Both jumps were personal bests. She has qualified for regionals for the long jump and is just shy of a regional QT in triple jump.

Caroline Hill

Caroline Hill had a personal best of 4-6 in the high jump, which is a regional qualifying mark. Other qualifying marks: Sadie Adams placed 2nd in the 1600 with a state QT, Hailey Hodson and Jordan Stone tied for 6th in the 500 with a regional QT of 1:28.01.

Grace Cook was 5th in the 1600 with a regional time of 5:39.77. Eleanor Abell set a PR in the 1600 with a 6:02.45. Several others had their personal best times: Sienna Collier in the 1000, Brianna Marsh in the 55H, Caroline Pearson in the 55H and the pole vault, Briana Marsh in the pole vault and Helen Moak in the 1000.

Western will compete next at FUMA for the District meet on Tuesday, February 1st and then on February 5th at Woodberry Forest.

Getting back to Racing

Isn't Always Easy

The WAHS distance team has been on hiatus from racing for the past 6 weeks. This past weekend they finally got to lace up their spikes and hit the track. The VA Showcase is not the easiest place to get your toe in the water, but since last week's meet was cancelled we threw the girls into the ring of fire. They may have gotten a little torched here and there, but when it was all over, they had shaken off the rust and we had amassed 4 state qualifying times and 6 regional QTs.

Stutzman Returns with Two State QT's

After a 4 month break from racing, Jenna Stutzman finally got back in uniform. Her first race was the mile. She did a good job of maneuvering through the large heat. She pushed the pace through the first 1000 before falling back, but still running 5:23.53 for the full mile which qualifies her for the state meet. She came back the next day to run an outstanding opening time of 3:05.16 in the 1000 which is well under state qualifying and was good enough for 3rd in the Open 1000.

Sadie Adams gets Two State QT's in first Meet

Sadie Adams was the only freshman to get in both the Invitational Mile and the Invitational 2 mile. She ran just 3 seconds off of her outdoor PR in the 1600 and came back to run 11:15 in the 3200 the next day. The time is roughly 30 seconds under state qualifying. She continues to be the top freshman in the state in all divisions.

Hodson Runs Away from the field in the 1000

Hailey Hodson ran a small PR of 5:36.70 in the 1600 which is a regional QT. She got boxed in and had a frustrating race and so was not at all happy with that time and just glared as she walked off the track.

The next day she was determined to make something special happen. She took the lead from the gun in the 1000 and ran as hard as she could, leaving a large field behind. She ended up with a 7 second personal best and a regional QT of 3:14.57. Sometimes you have a choice, you can get discouraged, or use your experiences to motivate you. Hailey is good at not allowing her races to discourage her and she uses them as motivation.

Cook Gets Two QT's

Grace Cook started off the meet with a 3 second personal best in the 1600, running 5:32.94, a regional QT. She came back the next morning in the 3200 and had to hang on for dear life in the back of her heat. It was not an easy way to race and something she is not accustom to, but she didn't give up and ended up with her indoor best and a regional QT.

The Showcase is not really the meet to open up your season with, but with last week's meet being cancelled we had no choice. We won't always be near the front of our races and sometimes hanging on to the back of the pack is all we can manage. It is important to never give up, even when you are in over your head.

Stone Gets Two QT's

Jordan Stone who ended cross-country with some anemia issues is starting to feel like her old self after over two months of iron therapy. She ran a smart race in the 1000 and had to come back in less than an hour to run the 500. (There was supposed to be two hours between races). The meet moved along more quickly than anticipated and luckily we were there a bit early for warm-ups, but it did make for a quick turn around from the 1000 to the 500. Jordan took it all in stride and focused on running another smart race and came away with two regional QT's. It was so good to see her back running strong again.

Lily's Amazing Race

Early in the Race at the Back

I have always told the girls that the best way for a distance runner to run a 1000 is to hang back the first two laps. On the third lap is when the field starts to fall off the pace and that is a good time to move up. Lily did just that. She was near the back for the first couple of laps and on the third lap she came off the turn and passed at least 10 girls on the straightaway.

Final Straightaway

She continued to pass girls before taking the lead with less than two laps to go. On the last lap a girl caught back up and passed Lily. Lily tucked in right behind her and then passed her back on the final turn. The girl tried again to pass and Lily managed to hold her off in the final straightaway. It was the most exciting race of the meet.

Super Happy Ending

Afterwards Lily was all smiles and her adoring fans, Della and Posie, were there to give her hugs and jump up and down in excitement for their older sister.

It's always nice to see success when an athlete has been as committed as Lily.

Eleanor Abell ran less than a few tenths off of a regional QT in the 3200, running her indoor personal best of 12:40.44. She was another runner who had to hold on to the back of the pack. She did the best she could in her first meet back and no doubt she will get that time in her next 3200.

Sienna Collier also got to race on the big stage at The Virginia Beach Sports Complex. She ran her personal best in both the 1000 and in the 500. It was good to see her running with a smile on her face in the 500 after not getting much recovery from the 1000. Let's work on keeping that smile throughout the season.

Walter Bass at Liberty

The sprinters and jumpers travelled to Liberty to compete in a huge invitational. The Pole Vaulters had a great meet with Raina Fitzwater taking 2nd with a vault of 11-0. Elizabeth Strobach and Cierra Halloran tied for 5th. The three of them have already qualified for the state meet. Caroline Pearson and Briana Marsh placed 9th and 10th with regional qualifying jumps of 8-6 and 8-0. Lauren Broussard and Evie Woodrow finished tied for 12th with vaults of 7-6.

There were quite a few personal bests in many events.

55 dash: Jordan Henderson, Lizzy DelCarmen, & Mallory Greene

55H: Caroline Pearson & Lexi Steppe

300: Jordan Henderson, Briana Marsh and Gabi Andres

500 Caroline Wildermuth dropped 9 seconds to run 1:41.09

1600: Mabelli Sumner had a 7 second PR and Helen Moak had an impressive first 1600, running 6:03.58.

Klarisa Amos had a personal best in the triple jump to finish 9th with 32-00, just 6 inches shy of a regional QT.

Shout out to Elizabeth Strobach for stepping up to run a leg on the 4 x 400 which placed 10th in 4:36.46 with team mates, Meghan Hundley, Lizzy DelCarmen and Gabi Andres.

Congratulations to Jenna Stutzman & Sadie Adams for making the Invitational section of the mile and for Sadie for making the Invitational Section of the 2 mile at The Virginia Showcase!

Seniors: Gabi Andres, Mallory Greene, & Cat Domecq

FUMA Meet #1

The Western girls had the chance to improve on their initial performances from last week. Many set personal bests. Cat Domecq continues to impress with her new best in the 55 m of 7.64 placing 2nd and anchoring the 2nd place 4 x 200 team with Gabi Andres, Jordan Henderson, Lizzy DelCarmen. The same group teamed up at the end of the meet to capture 2nd in the 4 x 400 in a season best time. Gabi and Jordan also set personal bests in the 55, placing 7th and 8th. Briana Marsh and Caroline Hill went 2nd and 3rd in the 300. Briana's time was a personal best while it was Caroline's first time in that event. Caroline also took 2nd in the high jump and 3rd in the Triple Jump. Briana was also 4th in the 55 hurdles and in the pole vault.

Raina Fitzwater came out flying to win the pole vault in 10-6. Elizabeth Strobach had an impressive return after being out most of last year to injury. She also went 10-6 and placed 2nd. With Briana in 4th, Lauren Broussard in 5th, Evie Woodrow in 7th, and Kate Camblos in 10th, the Warriors once again dominated that event. Evie also placed third in the long jump with Mallory Greene in 4th. Mallory also placed 7th in triple jump. To see complete results, Click here.

Team Tunnel Run

The Distance team may be on a break from racing, but they are training hard and are gearing up to race in January. This past Saturday, several of the girls ran a total of over 8 miles, some ran 6, two of which were uphill to The Blue Ridge Tunnel. They along with the Newbies, who ran from the tunnel parking lot, ran through the dark tunnel with headlamps. Only one runner fell down in the darkness, but all happily celebrated the new team tradition afterwards with hot chocolate and treats. It is always fun to put a little adventure into your training.

Western Starts Off Season at VMI

The Track Team brought twelve girls to race at The Walt Cormack Memorial Meet, held in Lexington at the VMI facility. The girls got some good competition for their first meet which led to some great early season performances.

Cierra Halloran tied her personal indoor best, vaulting 10-0 to place 5th.

Cat Domecq had an outstanding first meet, running her personal best time in both the 55 and the 300 and ran a strong anchor leg on the 4 x 200.

Elizabeth DelCarmen ran her personal best in the 55 and also competed in the 300 and 4 x 200. Bri Marsh ran her personal best in the 300 and also a leg on the 4 x 200 and 4 x 400. Klarisa Amos had her personal best triple jump by over 10 inches. Mallory Greene had her best long and triple jump. Newcomer, Jordan Henderson did a great job in the 55 and the 4 x 400. Newcomer Caroline Hill got experience in the jumps having a solid first meet. Olympia Sauerwein ran the 500 as well as a leg on the 400. They will be back at it this week at Fork Union on Thursday.

Indoor Season Officially Kicks Off this Weekend

The first indoor meet of the season will kick off this weekend at VMI with the Walt Cormack Memorial at VMI's amazing facility in Lexington. To see the meet schedule for the season, please check out the Meet Schedule link to the left.

Lot's of Swag at Nike Regionals

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Team Finishes 5th at NXR, Sadie Adams Runner-Up

Five girls travelled the day after Thanksgiving to run the Nike Regional Course at Wake Med Soccer Park in Cary, NC. The girls enjoyed all the usual pre-race swag before testing out the course on Friday. The brightly colored hats were a big hit and the girls posed for pictures before running the course.

The girls had a healthy dinner at "The Farmside Kitchen" before heading to Harris Teater. It was their mission to find a card and balloon for Jake Greenstein as it was his birthday the next day. After much deliberating and giggles, a super hero balloon was purchased.

The girls came back to the hotel where they worked diligently on their goal bracelets. It became abundantly clear that their experience using a hammer was limited. They proceeded to destroy several metal washers before getting a few that were acceptable. Lily in particular is not to be trusted with a hammer. She became the most talented destroyer of washers.

After all had made their bracelets and the card for Jake had been signed, they went off to bed.

The next morning the chips and bibs were put on at the hotel before heading off to the race venue. The girls took an enormous amount of time getting up the nerve to give Jake his balloon and card. They finally gave it to him as he was heading off to the starting line. He was completely baffled by the attention, but finally broke a smile before heading off to race.

One of the best things about NXR is that they make everyone feel like super stars by printing up team banners and introducing each team prior to the race. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the celebration as evident by the antics of Grace Cook, waving and flexing throughout their introduction.

Once on the starting line the girls had little time to do a stride and get pants off. Again, the need for zippered pants is crucial in these stressful moments. I managed to snap a picture of the girls on the starting line before being sternly asked to leave over the microphone.

After our warnings to the team to try to hold back some that first mile, they proceeded to ignore our advise and got swept out a bit too fast. At the 2K we were in third place. We ended up in 5th place by the end with Sadie Adams coming in second. The score was fairly tight third through fifth. West Springfield had 93, Marietta had 95 and we had 105. Raleigh Catholic won the meet with an impressive 35 points.

The girls enjoyed the post race celebration as the top teams were recognized.

Individually when comparing the girls race to some of the people who raced with us at States, it became apparent the girls ran better than it initially looks on paper. Grace Cook, ran just 4 seconds ahead of Blacksburg's Jones at states. She was 32 seconds faster than Jones at NXR. Hailey Hodson finished 10 seconds ahead of Blacksburg's Griggs at States and finished 30 seconds ahead of her at NXR. Lily Smith was 46 seconds behind Griggs at States and was only 4 seconds behind at NXR. Sadie finished 21 seconds behind Hanna Rae Shaffer last week at the Dash for Doobie 3200 and was 22 seconds behind this week even though it was a mile longer. Sometimes these little comparisons help view our races in a whole new light. Emma Schmitz ran just one second off of her personal best which was amazing since she has been mostly playing basketball these last few weeks.

The girls enjoyed lots of support from family members as many families brought all the siblings and it was so fun to have them all there to support the girls. Nike did not disappoint them either as there were tattoos and cowbells for them to cheer on the runners.

This week is a down week for the XC girls. They are encouraged to do no more than 30 minutes a day of easy jogging or cross-training. They won't race again till January 8th. The banquet will be this Wednesday, at Western Albemarle from 7:000 -8:30 pm.

Western Girls Race in Dash for Doobie in Preparation for Nike XC Regionals

Sadie Makes Loaded Elite Section

The Elite section at New Balance's Dash for Doobie lived up to all the hype. One by one the athletes were announced as they ran to the starting line. Spectators slapped hands and made them feel like real elite runners. Sadie ran in a crowded field of 25 runners which had her getting boxed in multiple times. She had an inside start position which didn't help, but she managed to get out of the box and surged up. She went out in a blazing 79 seconds and continued to knock out quarter after quarter in 81-83. She finished in 12th place, second freshman behind one of the top freshman in the country. She ran less than a half second off of the outdoor track school record, finishing in 10:54.63. Sadie's previous personal best was 11:12, run last year in Jamestown. 18 girls broke 11:00. I doubt we will see another 2 mile this impressive until Nationals. To get to have this level of competition less than 4 hours away is priceless.

Dash For Doobie

The dash was held in Pfafftown, NC, near Winston Salem. There were a total of 10 boys heats and 6 girls heats. Most of the heats had about 30 people in them, so the field was crowded, but everyone was well placed in heats seeded by their cross-country times. The temperatures during the early heats hovered around 45 degrees. By the time Sadie raced, it was about 35 degrees. A little colder than we are used to, but the girls handled it well.

Eleanor Abell ran 12:17.5 in the second heat to knock off an amazing 24 seconds from her personal best. She ran an intelligent race, going out in 85 and hitting consistent splits most of the way. Eleanor is a great example of how hard work pays off if you stay consistent. Eleanor's PR her freshman year was 14:26. She's worked hard to improve her form. Some people take longer to get to this level, but Eleanor proves that it can be done if you stay committed to the goal.

Lily Smith, who has only run the 3200 once before, ran 12:12.48. She knocked off 1:14 from her previous PR set last spring. She easily wins the award for most improved at this race. She also proved that she has far more range in events on the track. The 3200 is now part of her repertoire.

Hailey Hodson ran like a true 1000m runner, taking the lead on the second lap and stretching it out by as much as 15 yards at one point. After going out in 79, we were concerned that she would not be able to hold onto the pace, much less the lead. She lost the lead in the final two laps, but managed to hold her pace to finish in a blazing 11:46.91 in her first attempt at the 3200.

Grace Cook ran in the second to fastest heat. She finished just a few seconds behind her Jefferson Forest nemesis, Skow, who beat her by 22 seconds at the XC state meet. Grace's time of 11:32 is a 25 second personal best. The gap between her and Skow narrowing and with Grace's stalking nature, she will likely surpass this nemesis and move on to the next one. Who that will be, Grace only knows. O.K. lets be honest, Hailey probably knows too. ; )

Some Early Season Tips

Take a look at the Weekly schedule page by clicking the top left corner. More info will be added.

If you are a New Parent to track. You may have questions. Here is a quick list of things you may be wondering.


Uniform Shorts: An example of what they typically wear. You can hold off for now as they will wave the uniform rule for Polar Bear Meets. We will look into putting in a team order for States.

They all need some type of watch. This doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles. GPS watches are great, but not necessary. The most important piece of equipment is a pair of good running shoes. There are lots of brands of shoes and most make good running shoes. Be careful though, just because they are NIKE, NB, etc, does not mean they are good running shoes. Rack Room carries these brands, but they usually carry the "fashion version" of those brands. Go to a reputable place like "Ragged Mountain Running Shop". Make sure you tell them what events you are running so that you can get the shoes that are right for you. Shoes are also only made to last 300-400 miles. If your child is running middle to long distance, that is a pair every 3 months. Sprinters may get up to 6 months out of their shoes.

Spikes? Not necessarily. If your child is new to running or in middle school you may want to hold off for now. Your child's coach will tell them when and if they need spikes. Spikes may not help if your child is a heel striker or has structural or strength issues. Spikes are not made to last long. If you get two seasons out of them then you are doing good. Keep an eye on their alignment. Sit them on the floor and notice if they are collapsing inward.

Sports Drinks? Probably not. Water is really what they need. Most sports drinks contain too much sodium which is already too high in the typical American diet. They can also contain lots of sugar and artificial colors. If they were doing an event in the heat that went on continuously for 90 minutes or more than they might need one.

Warm-ups or sweats? YES! If the temperature is 60 degrees or colder, they should have sweats on. They can have a pair of shorts on underneath and take the sweats off once they've warmed up. When they go to meets, they should be prepared for whatever that night's low is. Sitting in 45 degrees for 2-3 hours is far different than just going to the mailbox. More is better.

Training clothes. For outdoor meets, the girls will want to wear tights if it is cold. Simple black tights are best, but I'm sure they will wave the uniform rule and you can wear whatever you have. Performance fabrics are worth every penny. Staying dry means staying warm. Ragged Mtn Running Shop has lots of options, but if you don't feel like spending a lot of money, I recommend Marshall's and TJMaxx. You would be amazed what you can find. Even Ross' in Waynesboro you will find $70 name brand tops for literally $14.99. Don't forget socks. Blister free, wicking socks are also important this time of year. I personally like Smart Wool, Balega, when it is cold. I usually find Smart wool at a discount, at sierratradingpost.com. Another cold weather hack for running shoes is to put Duck Tape across the toes of your shoes. Most shoes are made to breath, which is a problem this time of year. Toes and fingers are the first to freeze. Layering is key. I think it is good to have a close fitting layer, tank or short sleeve (performance fabric), in case you really warm up, a thin long sleeve, a top layer that can be a sweat shirt, wind breaker or fleece. For pants, either tights, or shorts with warm-up pants with zippers at the leg so they can be easily removed.

Water Bottle Have one at every practice and maybe two at a meet once the weather warms up.

Snacks: Always have a snack handy for right after practice or for between races at meets. Simple foods are best. Things like Lara bars, or other healthy bars. Watch out though, some of them are just glorified candy bars. Fruit & nuts are great for post practice and between races as long as you have enough time. A nut butter sandwich is also a good choice.

Five Evidence Based Paths to Happiness. We all need a little more happiness in our lives. This is a good read and has information we can all use.