Western Albemarle XC/TRACK

Low-Key Distance Meet at Panarama

This past Saturday a handful of WAHS girls took to the beautiful rolling course at Panorama Farms for a recovery distance run while representing their school in the tri meet. After a long warm-up, the trio of Ella, Eleanor and Sienna paced each other well, finishing together in right under 24 minutes. Mabelli ran most of the race with a small pack of Louisa runners, and finished in the 26 minute range. Sadie and Lily were the lone girls in the Open Race, and they both looked smooth and comfortable as they finished in 21:45 and 22:50, respectively. It was an absolutely gorgeous day out and quite a nice way to end a very busy week of training and racing.

As we enter into Spring Break, it is crucial that you keep up with the running schedule, whether you are in town or not. This week we are focusing on getting in some good mileage with some uptempo pacing, as well as incorporating some good strength building exercises. Do your best to get in the workouts, recovery runs, and exercises. The week we return from Spring Break we jump right into Regionals and then States the following week.


The WAHS Warriors once again raced the fields and woods of the Fluvanna home course at Pleasant Grove this past Tuesday, this time in a quad meet serving as the qualifier for the Regional Meet which will be held after Spring Break. The course had been altered slightly, and this week it was a true 5k distance. The girls brought back a team tradition of putting on glitter, tattoos and blue and gold hair ribbons to get in the racing mood!

The team was led by junior Jenna Stutzman’s 2nd place finish in a time of 20:28. Three WAHS girls followed Jenna in quick succession: Kate (3rd, 20:47), Grace (4th, 21:02), and Hailey (5th, 22:03). The varsity race was rounded out by Jordan (23:50), Sienna (23:53) and Ella (24:15).

Amelia Sims Drops Time on Longer Course

WAHS girls took the first 4 places in the Open Race, led by Sadie Adam’s first place finish in 20:05 and Lily’s 2nd place time of 22:48. Amelia Sims dropped even more time this week, finishing 3rd in a time of 23:28, and Jonsie rounded out the top 4 in 23:58. Mabelli Sumner had another strong race, finishing in 26:31.

After their cool down, the girls enjoyed some early Easter treats provided by some of our fantastic parents!

The Youth Leads the Way . . .

In the absence of several of our older runners this past Wednesday the youth of our team stepped up and handily defeated Fluvanna 20-35. In the first of 3 meets at Pleasant Grove, the Warriors were led by freshman Hailey Hodson (21:09), who came in second place overall in the race. Hailey ran a very smart race, hanging with the pack for the first part of the race and then, after everyone eased up as planned in the woods, had enough left in the tank to push extremely hard the last ½ mile. She looked strong and confident as she crested the last hill and powered around the bend into the finish chute. Hailey has been working extremely hard to transition from the shorter distances she raced in Indoor Track to the 5k for Cross Country, and her consistency and determination are paying off.

Hailey was followed by a string of 4 other WAHS runners. Grace finished in 3rd overall with a time of 21:20, followed by Jordan (21:50), Sienna (21:58) and Eleanor (22:03). Ella (23:37), Amelia (23:44) and Caroline (23:50) rounded out our crew in the Varsity Race. Amelia had another fantastic race and has been steadily improving over the past few months.

The co-ed Open Race was, once again, a time for three of our young runners to shine. Sadie (20:01) finished in 4th overall, battling it out to the line with WAHS’ Nolan Burkhart. Lily ran another very strong race, finishing in 8th overall with a time of 22:08. Finally, Mabelli had another big PR, finishing 12th overall in 25:33, and likely pushing WAHS’ Colin McLaughlin to a PR as well as they forced each other into a sprint to the finish.

This upcoming Wednesday we will be back at Pleasant Grove for the Region qualifying meet, racing against CHS, MHS and Fluvanna. The top 2 teams will move on to the Region Meet, which will also be held at Pleasant Grove the Wednesday after Spring Break. The training we do in the next 2 weeks (including Spring Break) will determine how we perform at States later in April.

We will be holding practices throughout the week of Spring Break. If you will be out of town, it is very important that you get in all of the workouts that we give you, even if it means getting on a treadmill. Make sure you contact the coaches to get the workouts and let us know how they go. Communication is key.

Old Guard Bemused by Young Enthusiasm

On a chilly afternoon the girls raced for the first time as an entire team on the newly redesigned Monticello Cross Country course. All of the girls were still recovering from a weekend of solid racing, be it the UA Track Meet or the Ragged Mountain Cup, so the plan was to treat this meet as a workout. The varsity girls were to break the 3.05 mile course up into race-paced/ hard effort sections broken up by two rest periods of very easy jogging. I laid the plan out as we ran our warm-up, and, after much clarification, the girls seemed to understand “the plan”...

Grace Runs to her own Beat

The girls ran together for the first hard effort section, led by veterans Jenna Stutzman and Kate Ratcliffe. When they arrived at the first easy jogging section, the older girls immediately dropped the pace while the younger girls reluctantly, and only after repeated reminders, eventually also slowed down. The second time that the girls were supposed to ease up, Grace just couldn’t stand it and forged on ahead at the same hard pace. She quickly pulled ahead of the pack with ½ mile to go and opened up a considerable lead.

With less than a ¼ mile to go, Jenna and Kate ran by the coaches with half bemused, half amused expressions, explaining to us the obvious fact that Grace had not slowed down. I asked, “Well, what are you going to do about it?” Needless to say, both Jenna and Kate ran Grace down and passed the upstart freshman at the line! Coach Cherie pointed out that once they passed her Grace almost sneaked back into first as she often does...but didn’t quite manage it this time. Jenna came in first with a time of 20:50, followed by Kate in 20:51.1 and Grace in 20:51.6. All three girls were laughing as they crossed the finish line, and Grace’s time when converted to 3.1 miles would be right on her PR time from the fall of 21:10. While she might not have followed “the plan”, I love the enthusiasm of these young girls, and the friendly competition that they inspire in the older girls.

Grace Cook

Jordan Stone

The rest of the team ran very well. Jordan and Hailey ran 21:15 and 21:22 respectively, followed by Eleanor Abell (21:46). Eleanor’s time converted to 3.1 would have her running right on her PR as well. Ella Taylor (22:52) and Sienna Collier (22:53) worked together the entire race, and

Caroline Jones

Caroline Jones finished soon after with a time of 23:07. The varsity race was rounded out by Amelia Sims with a very good time of 24:00. I was happy that all of these girls averaged a pace under 8 min/ mile even with the ½ mile of easy jogging.

The JV race was no less exciting, even considering WAHS only had three girls running in it. This little group was told to treat the race as a tempo run, especially the 8th graders, as they had participated in more racing days than the others down at the VA Beach track meet the previous weekend. Once again, however, the “plan” seemed to be lost on the youth of our team. Before the race, Coach Chuck predicted that Sadie Adams would not be content to hang back and not race with the boys, and that

she would finish with perhaps only 3- 4 boys in front of her. His prediction came partly true. Sadie was indeed not content to simply tempo the race, and she immediately started right near the front of the pack of boys. Soon it was just Sadie and two boys. Sadie and the second place boy ran neck and neck through 2.5 miles until finally the boy had had enough and pulled ahead. Sadie ran a fantastic time of 19:44, and made that “tempo run” look easy.

Our other 8th grader, Lilly Smith, also had a fantastic race, not exactly following the plan either. She pushed hard and ran a great time of 21:54, blowing away her previous PR. Freshman Mabelli Sumner ran her first 5k Cross Country race and, once again, kept up a strong, consistent pace, finishing in 27:10. Her pace was just about the same that she ran for the 2 mile Cup race the previous weekend, and after she finished she stated, “I loved that course!”.

Mabelli is a great addition to our team and her hard work over the past few months is starting to pay off in her racing. I look forward to seeing her continue to improve.

I was extremely pleased with how everyone ran this past week, both newbies and veterans alike. The girls are all very strong right now coming off of Indoor, and are transitioning to this mini-cross country season with great attitudes.

Ragged Mountain Cup

A small yet fierce group of WAHS WARRIORS started off the Cross Country season with the Ragged Mountain Cup this Saturday at the beautiful Panorama Farms. The format of the race was much different than past years, and the girls rose to the challenge. The team was led by junior Eleanor Abell with a time of 13:46, a 1:29 PR over her time from last year. Eleanor placed 10th overall. She was followed closely by sophomore Sienna Collier, running a 33 second PR in 14:00, and placing 13th overall. Both Eleanor and Sienna will receive the coveted “Cup Shirts”. Senior Caroline Jones came in 3rd on our relay team in 14:56, and was instrumental in getting the girls organized and where they needed to be. Sophomore Amelia Sims had an excellent race, running exactly a 1 minute PR over her time from last year and finishing in 15:14. She looked confident and smooth the entire race.

Freshman Mabelli Sumner ran her very first race, and was also the first runner of the entire day to toe the starting line! Mabelli kept up a steady, solid pace and had the most impressive, even splits. She finished in a great time of 18:02, putting her in 10th place in the Open Race. These girls trained very hard over the past few weeks, getting in some solid tempo runs at Sugar Hollow and grass intervals at Mint Springs Farm, and it was exciting to see them push each other over the hills of Panorama. They even had a chance to outrun a hot air balloon!

Incredible Day of Tough Racing!

The Warriors had so many great performances. In all, a total of 15 girls contributed to the score, crushing the competition. Western 110, Heritage 80. A more complete write up to follow. Western earned first in the 4x8, 300, 1600, 1000, 3200. Second in the 55, 1600, 1000, 4x4. Third in the 4x2, fourth in the 500 & Pole Vault, fifth in the 3200 & pole vault, sixth in the pole vault, and an eighth in the 500. Everyone who qualified to run in the state meet, contributed to the score. For Complete results click here. For the Scrimmage Play article Click here. To see The Daily Progress article Click here.

Sportsmanship on Display

It wasn't just that we won the state meet, it was how we won it. The schedule was tight. Many girls ran 2 and 3 events. With the boys being in a different section, many girls were lucky to have 30 minutes between events. Despite the tough conditions I saw many displays of good sportsmanship. This is Kate Ratcliffe congratulating Jenna Stutzman as the starter awarded her the much prized shell from the starter's pistol after her championship race.

Western Team Comes Together For The Win

The seniors especially stepped up their game. Megan Futty, whose event started at 8:30, stayed till the end after finishing 5th in the pole vault. Despite the fact that many of the girls have practiced separately, they all came together to support each other on the day it counted. The sprinters came early, just so they could watch the 4 x 800. All the team cheered and watched in amazement as our amazing freshman, Reese Mattern, broke the school record to win the 3A State Title in the 300 after placing second in the 55. Each member was truly happy for each other and it showed.

Reese Mattern

Reese ran 3 races in less than 2 hours. She placed second in the 55 m with a 7.39, She won the 300 m with a school record of 40.28 and then anchored the second place 4 x 400. Quite a triple for the freshman who is quickly making a name for herself in the track world. Sprinting is a technique sport with a lot of block work needed in order to perfect your race. It is exciting to see the potential for the years to come.

Jenna Stutzman

Jenna had to once again run a strategic first race so that she would still have some left for the second race, which was just 30 minutes later. She paced her first race, hitting 78-79 for the first 3 laps of the 1600, before dialing it back for the win. She came back in the 1000 for the win, running all 5 laps within 2 tenths of a second. #youdontneedawatchjenna

Kate Ratcliffe

Kate has come into her own this season. She did a great job of running a strong 1600 for second place, but an even more impressive job in the 3200. She kept her cool through the early part of the race with the confidence to know she could unleash a 77 on her last 400 to take the lead and win. Chill bumps were had by all who were lucky enough to watch her chase down the leader for the win.

Cierra Halloran

Cierra has been a consistent force on the Pole Vault squad. With her strong performances throughout the season, it is no surprise that she finished 4th in the state with a vault of 9-6.

Megan Futty

Megan is the most experienced of the pole vault members. This is her fourth All-State performance and her highest placing thus far. Megan placed 5th with a vault of 9-0.

Emma Blackman

This is Emma's fourth All-State performance. Her vault of 9-0 ties her personal record. She finished 6th which is her highest state meet placing thus far.

Maeci Frank

Maeci Frank ran three races at states. Individually she was second in the 1000 with a 3:09.35, which is just a tenth shy of her personal best. She also anchored the winning 4 x 800 and she was a part of the second place 4 x 4. This is Maeci's highest individual placing in States. She's got a great shot at a state championship this spring.

Jordan Stone

Jordan also ran 3 events. She ran a 3 second personal best to finish 4th in the 500. She was a part of the Championship 4 x 800 and the second place 4 x 400. She ran a personal best this season in every event she ran, from the 300-3200. This kid's got range.

Grace Cook

Grace Cook had an amazing first season as a Warrior. She finished 5th in the 3200, almost sneaking in for 4th. She ran a well paced race and dropped another 2 seconds from her personal best, running 12:05.88.

Hailey Hodson

Hailey Hodson also had an impressive first season. She was a part of the Championship 4 x 800. She made All-State in the 500, and she has been a part of our 4 x 400 team leading up to states. She is a future leader on this team with her "Take Charge" attitude.

Championship 4 x 800

Hailey Hodson, Ella Taylor, Maeci Frank and Jordan Stone were the members of the 4 x 800. Ella lead off in her best race of the season bringing the team into first and each leg did their part to extend that lead.

Runner-up 4 x 400

Maeci Frank, Abby Huemme, Reese Mattern and Jordan Stone. Abby lead off with the fastest split running a personal best time of 61.5. The other 3 legs, on their third event of the day each ran a 63 split.

Third Place 4 x 200

Brooke Whittier, Gabi Andres, Abby Huemme, and Cat Domecq ran their season best time of 1:52.16, knocking a full second off of their season best.

Western Wins Region 3C Dominating the Running Events

Western Albemarle managed to take first and second in the 1000, 1600, and 3200. We also took first in the 300, second and third in the 500, second and third in the pole vault, second in the 55, first in the 4 x 800, second in the 4 x 400 and third in the 4 x 200. It was a total team effort and the Warriors finished the day with a score of 133 with Heritage in second with 90 and Charlottesville in third with 68 points.

Reese Mattern continued to impress by placing second in the 55 with a personal best time of 7.34. She came back later to destroy the field in the 300, knocking a full second off of her time, finishing in 40.97. Her times rank her 6th in the state in the 55 and 10th in the state in the 300 out of all six divisions.

Jenna Stutzman & Maeci Frank

Jenna Stutzman had an amazing day, pacing her 1600 carefully, taking it out slow and running negative splits to win easily with a 5:32. She came back 25 minutes later to win the 1000. Jenna's racing ability continues to improve with each race. Maeci Frank placed second in the 1000 after anchoring the winning 4 x 800 team and running a leg on the second place 4 x 400 team. Maeci ran a strong triple and sits in great position to vie for a title at states.

Kate Ratcliffe

Kate Ratcliffe had her best double of her running career, placing 2nd in the 1600 with a 5:32, then coming back to win the 3200 with a 15 second personal best, to finish in 11:46.43. She ran a comfortable 6 minute pace through the first mile and a half then ran an impressive 2:46 on her final half mile. Kate, claims to not have speed, but what she has is the ability to change pace dramatically and then hold that challenging pace for an extended amount of time.

Hailey Hodson & Jordan Stone

Hailey and Jordan took second and third in the 500. Hailey was right on her personal best time and Jordan ran her personal best time. They are both members of our winning 4 x 800 and second place 4 x 400.

Abby Huemme

Abby was 5th in the 300, running a personal best time of 43.82. She ran a leg on the third place 4 x 200 with teammates, Brooke Whittier, Cat Domecq and Gabi Andres. She anchored the 4 x 400 and ran a personal best 62.0.

Winning 4 x 800

The team of Jordan Stone, Ella Taylor, Hailey Hodson, and Maeci Frank won the 4 x 800. Jordan, Hailey and Maeci, joined Abby to place second in the 4 x 400. Ella Taylor ran a season best in the 1000 to finish 5th.

Grace Cook Sneaks in for 2nd

Grace managed to knock off the top seed in the 3200 catching her right at the line to place second, behind Kate Ratcliffe. Grace ran a smart race, pacing off of Kate for the first mile of the race. Just when it looked like she didn't have a chance, she found another gear and caught The Spotswood girl, right at the line.

Pole Vaulters take 2, 3, & 4

Cierra Holloran, finished second for the Warriors, vaulting 9-6. Megan Futty and Emma Blackman both cleared 9-0 to finish third and fourth. Pictured above, Cierra, from last year's indoor season.

Mattern runs fastest WA 55m & 300m

in the past 20 years!

Reese wins 100 in 7.50

Reese easily ran the fastest 55 meter time, we've seen in the last 20 years. It might have been a little wind aided, but even still, it was impressive.

Reese runs 42.0 to win the 300

She came back later to win the 300, also in the fastest time run by a Western student in at least the past 20 years.

Mallory Greene and Maggie Inge Celebrate with Reese

Reese celebrates with teammates Mallory Green and Maggie Inge while her opponent lays flat out after the effort.

Stutzman wins both the 1600 & 1000

Jenna, who currently sits on the all time top 10 in multiple events, won both the 1600 and the 1000 at AHS. Later in the week she ran personal bests of 5:15, and 3:03 in those events.

Liora Shin Wins High Jump

Liora Shin, won the high jump in 4-6, placed second in the shot put with a 22-01.5 and ran a leg on one of our 4 x 200 teams.

Kate Ratcliffe Wins 3200

Kate Ratcliffe ran a 10 second personal best in windy conditions to win the 3200. Her time of 12:01.79 is the second fastest right now in 3A. She also came back later in the week to run a personal best 3:10.75 in the 1000.

Mallory Greene won the triple jump in 27-9, her personal best. Maeci Frank, Hailey Hodson, Ella Taylor and Abby Huemme won the 4 x 400. Maeci was also second in the 1000, running 3:15 on a windy day, coming back later in the week to run 3:09.22 a personal best by 3 seconds. Jordan Stone, ran the 3200 for the first time on Wednesday, placing second. She came back later in the week to run a 63.4 on a relay split, her indoor personal best. Cat Domecq placed second in the 55 dash, running a 7.79, her personal best. We had several athletes placing third; Abby Huemme in the 300 and Long jump, Grace Cook in the 1600, Hailey Hodson in the 1000, and Eleanor Abell in the 3200.

Congratulations to Megan Futty for clearing 9-3 in pole vault. She did that this past Saturday as a part of the AHS meet. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Strobach broke her foot that same day and will be out for 6 weeks. Please remember to encourage Liz and pray for a speedy recovery. We will surely miss having her in the post season.

Running in "Lane 0"

Since the championship races are coming up, just want to take this opportunity to let you know that this is a "No, No! We usually do a good job of running in our lanes, but while it is important to run near the inside of the track, running in "lane 0" will get you disqualified if there are any meet officials paying attention.

Pictured above: Reese and Brooke

Western's meet with 5A Albemarle and 3A Fluvanna, provided much exciting competition, most notably in the relays. The 4 x 200 team of Reese Mattern, Brooke Whittier, Elizabeth DelCarmen and Abby Huemme, won the event with an impressive time of 1:53.09.

Pictured above: Brooke, Elizabeth, Abby & Reese

Reese also ran lead leg on the 4 x 400 team, opening up with a 59.9 split which is one of the fastest 400 splits in recent years. The team of Reese, Hailey Hodson, Jordan Stone and Maeci Frank ran 4:16.41 and finished a close second.

A Stacked Field in the 1000 Produced Some Great Times

Albemarle and Western put most of their top 1000 meter runners together for an exciting race which produced many of the top times in the state. Jenna Stutzman led most of the way and finished 3rd, in 3:07.33 a time that puts her 14th in the state in all divisions. Maeci Frank, coming off of a swim meet the night before, ran a 3:15.77 to place 4th, Jordan Stone was 5th with 3:15.89, and Grace Cook was 6th with 3:27.31. Both Jordan and Grace ran their personal best times.

Less than 10 min. Later, Stutzman and Cook take 1st and 2nd in the 3200

All the hard work paid dividends when Jenna and Grace, literally jumped in the 3200 just minutes after finishing the 1000. They started off with a leisurely pace and proceeded to drop the pace the second mile. Jenna won in 12:15.62 and Grace ran an amazing first 3200 time of 12:24.29.

Other great performances . . .

Hailey Hodson, set a personal best in the 500, running 1:24.21, over a two second drop from her previous best, to place second.

We had several people earn third place: Eleanor Abell in the 1600, with a personal best of 6:05.99, Isabella Karr, 11:02 in the 55 hurdles, Gabi Andres, 8.35 in the 55 dash, Liora Shin, 4-2 in high jump, Emma Blackman, 8-7 in pole vault and Abby Huemme, 26-11.5 in triple jump. Teammate Mallory Green finished 4th in triple jump, going 26-10.0 For Complete Results Click here.

Finally the Meets Begin

This past week Western Albemarle started having meets for the first time since COVID shut things down in March of 2020. Despite the cold temperatures, the girls had many great performances this past week.

Reese Mattern

In this past week, Reese has already established herself as possibly one of top sprinters at Western Albemarle in recent years. In Fluvanna, she won the 300 in 43.95 and just days later in Louisa, lowered that time to 43.26. Her time is the third fastest by a Western Albemarle Student in the last 20 years and she did it without blocks. She won the 55 at Louisa in 7.74 and led off the Victorious 4 x 200 team.

Jenna Stutzman

& Kate Ratcliffe

Jenna and Kate went 1-2 in both the 1600 and 1000. Jenna also ran the anchor of the victorious 4 x 400 which included Maeci Frank, Hailey Hodson and Jordan Stone. In the JV 1600, Sadie Adams, Grace Cook, and Lily Smith went 1,2,3. Both Sadie and Grace set personal best times of 5:44.9 and 5:46.49, times that would have placed them 2nd and 4th in the varsity 1600.

Jordan Stone, Maeci Frank,

& Hailey Hodson

Maeci, Jordan, and Hailey went 1-3 in the 500, then came back 10-15 minutes later and placed 2nd and 3rd in the 300, behind Reese. All three came back to run a leg on the 4 x 400. Jordan and Hailey ran PR legs in the 500. Jordan's 300 time was a personal best as was Hailey's leg on the 4 x 400. Maeci's 500 and 300 were both season best.

Elizabeth DelCarmen

Elizabeth was second in the 55 dash in Fluvanna and was third in the 55 in Louisa. She was also 4th in the 300 in Fluvanna and 5th in the 300 in Louisa and was a member of the victorious 4 x 200 team along with Reese, Abby Huemme, and Mallory Greene.

Eleanor Abell & Caroline Jones

Caroline, AKA, Jonsie, won the 1600 in Fluvanna, placed second in the 1000 and in Louisa placed 4th in the 3200. Eleanor was second in the 1600 in Fluvanna, third in the thousand and third in the 3200 in Louisa. Eleanor was out most of last year due to a stress fracture. She was finally healthy enough to race when Covid shut things down. This junior has been training diligently and it was great to see her run personal best times in all three of her races this week.

Abby Huemme

Abby finished second in triple jump in Fluvanna with a jump of 26-6. She is also a member of the 4 x 200 team which finished second in Fluvanna and first in Louisa.

Cat Domecq placed third in the 300 with a good early season time of 46.13. She also was a part of the 4 x 200 team who placed second in Fluvanna.

Cat Beck placed 3rd in the 1600, 4th in the 1000 in Fluvanna and came back on Saturday to place 6th in the 3200.

Grace Cook

Grace Cook, only a freshman, finished third in the 1000, just seconds off her best time, which was all the more impressive as she had just 10 minutes to recover from running the JV mile, which she ran a personal best time.

Some Early Season Tips

Take a look at the Weekly schedule page by clicking the top left corner. More info will be added.

If you are a New Parent to track. You may have questions. Here is a quick list of things you may be wondering.


Uniform Shorts: An example of what they typically wear. You can hold off for now as they will wave the uniform rule for Polar Bear Meets. We will look into putting in a team order for States.

They all need some type of watch. This doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles. GPS watches are great, but not necessary. The most important piece of equipment is a pair of good running shoes. There are lots of brands of shoes and most make good running shoes. Be careful though, just because they are NIKE, NB, etc, does not mean they are good running shoes. Rack Room carries these brands, but they usually carry the "fashion version" of those brands. Go to a reputable place like "Ragged Mountain Running Shop". Make sure you tell them what events you are running so that you can get the shoes that are right for you. Shoes are also only made to last 300-400 miles. If your child is running middle to long distance, that is a pair every 3 months. Sprinters may get up to 6 months out of their shoes.

Spikes? Not necessarily. If your child is new to running or in middle school you may want to hold off for now. Your child's coach will tell them when and if they need spikes. Spikes may not help if your child is a heel striker or has structural or strength issues. Spikes are not made to last long. If you get two seasons out of them then you are doing good. Keep an eye on their alignment. Sit them on the floor and notice if they are collapsing inward.

Sports Drinks? Probably not. Water is really what they need. Most sports drinks contain too much sodium which is already too high in the typical American diet. They can also contain lots of sugar and artificial colors. If they were doing an event in the heat that went on continuously for 90 minutes or more than they might need one.

Warm-ups or sweats? YES! If the temperature is 60 degrees or colder, they should have sweats on. They can have a pair of shorts on underneath and take the sweats off once they've warmed up. When they go to meets, they should be prepared for whatever that night's low is. Sitting in 45 degrees for 2-3 hours is far different than just going to the mailbox. More is better.

Training clothes. For outdoor meets, the girls will want to wear tights if it is cold. Simple black tights are best, but I'm sure they will wave the uniform rule and you can wear whatever you have. Performance fabrics are worth every penny. Staying dry means staying warm. Ragged Mtn Running Shop has lots of options, but if you don't feel like spending a lot of money, I recommend Marshall's and TJMaxx. You would be amazed what you can find. Even Ross' in Waynesboro you will find $70 name brand tops for literally $14.99. Don't forget socks. Blister free, wicking socks are also important this time of year. I personally like Smart Wool, Balega, when it is cold. I usually find Smart wool at a discount, at sierratradingpost.com. Another cold weather hack for running shoes is to put Duck Tape across the toes of your shoes. Most shoes are made to breath, which is a problem this time of year. Toes and fingers are the first to freeze. Layering is key. I think it is good to have a close fitting layer, tank or short sleeve (performance fabric), in case you really warm up, a thin long sleeve, a top layer that can be a sweat shirt, wind breaker or fleece. For pants, either tights, or shorts with warm-up pants with zippers at the leg so they can be easily removed.

Water Bottle Have one at every practice and maybe two at a meet once the weather warms up.

Snacks: Always have a snack handy for right after practice or for between races at meets. Simple foods are best. Things like Lara bars, or other healthy bars. Watch out though, some of them are just glorified candy bars. Fruit & nuts are great for post practice and between races as long as you have enough time. A nut butter sandwich is also a good choice.

Five Evidence Based Paths to Happiness. We all need a little more happiness in our lives. This is a good read and has information we can all use.