The illusion of stable and complete perception

We perceive the world around us as stable and complete, but we can only pay attention to a few things at a time, and often miss dramatic changes that happen right in front of usTo make things even more complicated, the incoming image of the world hitting the retina changes drastically with every glance. 

How does the visual system create our illusion of stable and complete perception? 

Whereas the majority of vision research is concerned with how we process single objects in isolated, static contexts, we investigate how the visual system integrates statistical regularities inherent in the surrounding environment using a variety of psychophysical, eye tracking, and neuroimaging techniques.


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Lab meetings for Fall 2017: Friday 12:40-13:30 in conference room of the Brain Research Center.

Vision Journal Club Fall 2017: Every other Tuesday from 12:45-13:30 in the seminar room of the Brain Research Center starting 19 September (Schedule to be posted soon).