SP Arun
Associate Professor, Centre for Neuroscience & India Alliance Senior Fellow
I received my B.Tech from IIT Bombay, and MS & PhD from Johns Hopkins University, all in Electrical Engineering. After my postdoctoral research at Carnegie Mellon University, I joined the Centre for Neuroscience at IISc. I am fascinated by how the brain transforms sensory inputs into perception. 
Aakash Agarwal
PhD student, BSSE (2014-present)
I completed my B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from NIT Hamirpur and joined directly for PhD program at IISc. I love to explore and to solve challenges. What really fascinates me is the capabilities of our brain. Hopefully, I will be able to decode a few rules used by our brain.
  Harish Katti
Postdoctoral fellow (2012-present)
I have a background in engineering and biology (BEngg & PhD Computer Science, MTech Bio-Medical engineering) and have worked in the multimedia/vision industry (SASKEN, Emuzed Inc). I am interested in the intersection of computational and experimental vision and want to understand neural and computational mechanisms underlying object and scene perception.
  Georgin Jacob
PhD student, ECE (2015-present)
I received my B-Tech  and M-Tech degrees in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Govt. RIT  and Govt. CET, Kerala respectively.  I was working in DRDO (NPOL) before joining IISc. In general, i am interested in understanding and building signal processing systems. Human brain is the best visual processing unit and am fascinated by how it solves problems effortlessly.  My dream is to make computers see. I love playing football and a great admirer of Stephen Gerrad.

Jhilik Das
PhD student, CNS (2017-present)

Jyothsna Sreekumar
PhD student, ECE (2017-present)
  Prabaha Gangopadhyay
Undergrad (2016-present)
I am interested in diverse fields in biology, including neuroscience, evolution, ethology, and some aspects of molecular biology. I love food, like most undergrads, but what makes me more excited than a lunch buffet is a brilliant experimental design; generally a non-obvious but accurate usage of correlates. I wish to combine my interests to study the mechanisms behind perception and behaviour, their development, and their evolutionary implications.

Pramod RT
PhD student, ECE (2014-present)
I received my B.E. from SJCE, Mysore and M.Sc [Engg] from IISc, both in Electrical Communication Engineering. I love designing experiments and building computational models of object vision. One day, hopefully, I would like to understand how the brain does it all.

Thomas Cherian
PhD student, CNS (2016-present)

Zhivago Kalathupiriyan
Senior Technician (2010-present)


N Apurva Ratan Murty
PhD student, 2011-16
Now: Postdoctoral fellow, MIT
 Melissa Batson
Postdoctoral fellow, 2015-2017
Krithika Mohan
5th year project, 2012-13
Now: PhD student, U Chicago
Vighneshvel Thiruppathi
Research Assistant, 2010-15
Now: PhD student, Leibniz institute for Neurobiology
Puneeth N C
Research Assistant, 2012-15
Now: PhD student, UCSB
Sneha L S
Research Assistant, 2014-15
Now: PhD student, Cambridge    
Saurabh Farkya
Research Assistant, 2015-16
Now: Masters student at UCF
Sricharan Sunder
Research Assistant, 2014-16
Now: PhD student, IISc