Balloon Litter Study Update: Hi all! Thank you so much for your balloon litter reports over the last two years! Our original plan was to collect data for two years (Earth Day 2012 - Earth Day 2014), but we've gotten so much great information, that we want to keep it going. We would appreciate any feedback that you might have to tell us how we can make this site more user friendly or if there is any further information you feel we should be collecting. As we devise a plan to continue, we will keep you updated. 

This balloon litter study is supported by Clean Virginia Waterways and the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Data collected by citizen scientists during this study will help scientists better understand the sources and impacts of this type of litter. Please choose one of the following options below to enter balloon litter data or to upload photos of balloon litter. For more information about balloon litter please visit the Clean Virginia Waterways website or download this PDF (4.3 MB) Balloons as Litter: A Rising Concern.

Thank you for your participation! If you are interested in supporting this research with a tax-deductible donation, please contact cleanvirginiawaterways@gmail.com.