Vienna Macroeconomics Workshop

Vienna Macroeconomics Workshop

2004 - 2016


David Andolfatto (FRB St Louis and SFU)

Martin Gervais (Iowa) 

Gabriel Lee (Regensburg and IHS)

October 21-  October 22, 2016 for the 13th Wien Macroworkshop!!!!!

Our Sponsors for 2016:
Previous (2015) Sponsors:

Conference Location:
Institute of Advanced Studies
Josefstädter Straße 39 (Palais Strozzi), 1080 Wien!!!! THE IHS HAS MOVED TO THIS NEW LOCATION AS OF SEPTEMBER 2015!!!!

How to get to your hotel from the Airport: Your best bet is to take the bus, which costs 6 euro and leaves every 30 minutes. When you emerge from the gate, head for the exit, where you will find a counter that sells bus tickets (or you can pay the bus driver directly). Take the "Westbahnhof" bus and get off at Westbahnhof (the second stop). The Motel One is directly located at the Westbahnhof. If you prefer, you can also take a cab (30-35 euro). 

Hotels: Walch Apartment; Motel One Westbahnhof; There will be an alternate hotel announced soon.

Historical Notes: 

Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB). A research grant (David Andolfatto and Gabe Lee) from the Austrian National Bank helped us to launch our first Vienna Macroeconomics Workshop in 2004. The bank is a part of the European System of Central Banks.

In 2010, the conference took place in Rome, at the
Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance.
In 2013, European Economic Review generously sponsored part of our 10th Anniversary Conference. 

Questions Concerning Conference Logistics:
Please email 
Ms. Elisabeth Potzmann (Economics Department <>) in Vienna.