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Established 2004

Vienna Macro Café

The Macro Café opens every October at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna. Our conference aims to give scholars, especially young scholars, an opportunity to present their work in a vibrant setting with unique conference protocols and traditions. A spring version of our conference, the Global Macro Café, is hosted by our partners located in cities around the world.

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FRB St Louis and University of Miami

University of Georgia

Regensburg and IHS

Vienna Macro 2022, September 8-10, 2022!

Final Program 2022

(As of September 6, 2022)

Stay Safe and See you in September!

We require all the participants to be fully vaccinated!

(Last Update: September 12, 2022)

Thank you everyone who were in Wien! See you in 2023!!!!

Co-organizer for 2022: Michael Reiter (IHS&VGSE)

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Vienna Macroeconomics Workshop Protocols

The standard protocol in most conferences with discussants restricts questions from the audience during the presentation to be clarifying questions only. This is not the way our conference works.

  • Presenters should be prepared for frequent interruptions and a lively discussion throughout their presentation. The organizers will, of course, ensure that inquisitors do not dwell overly long on the point they wish to discuss. The allotted time for presentation is 45 minutes. Presenters should prepare a slide deck designed for something closer to a 40-minute presentation.

  • Discussants. Discussants will be allotted 15 minutes. The same rules apply to discussants: be prepared to be interrupted if people feel the need to question your interpretations/comments/criticisms. Also, please do not waste time rehashing the presentation. A one page summary of the model should in most cases be sufficient. Much of your thunder may already have been stolen by the audience during the presentation. This is perfectly fine. Just focus on what you believe to be the key substantive points of the paper. Feel free to support or critique audience comments.

  • Audience. We encourage full participation throughout the conference. Be prepared to engage. Please do not open your laptops or check your phones during the presentations or discussions. There will be time during the breaks for you to do this. If you absolutely need to check messages or surf the web during the presentations, please feel welcome to leave the seminar room and return only after you are done. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Anyone can register for the conference without any fees: Please send an email to if you would like to participate.

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