Fall 2016: General Physics III (PHYC 262)
Lectures: MWF 12:00-12:50p, Regener 103
Problems: W 1:00-1:50p, Regener 114
Office hours: Monday and Friday, 1:00-2:00p, Regener 109
Required text: University Physics with Modern Physics (14th Edition***), Young/Freedman, chapters 32-42
Other required materials: Mastering Physics online account (free with new textbook), iclicker remote, and a laptop/tablet/smartphone for submitting problems online during class.
Grading: Groupwork = 7.5%, Clicker = 7.5%, Homework = 20%, Take-home Midterm1 = 5%, In-class Midterm1 = 15%, Midterm2 = 20%, Final = 25% 
Teaching assistants: Ryan Wang wangbtc@unm.edu and Ezequiel Carrasco ezequiel@unm.edu
TA office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-1:30p (Zeke)

Course schedule: Class Schedule. Treat exam dates as approximate (+/-1 week or more). You are expected to come to class having read the relevant Y/F chapters beforehand.

Course details:
Other info:

***I have not looked at the difference between the 14th and earlier editions. I'm guessing the 13th edition is ok if you have access to a friend's 14th edition in case we assign edition-specific material.

8/19: Welcome to Physics 262! Please make sure to purchase the textbook (Young/Freedman), register for a Mastering Physics account, and purchase and register an i-clicker ASAP. Our first clicker and Mastering Physics assignments will be due during class on Wednesday 8/24. You will also need to bring a laptop/tablet/smartphone to class every Wednesday. Make sure you are able to use the device to submit solutions on the Mastering Physics website.