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Years of experience are available to you for help with breastfeeding issues during your consultation.

(In-office and online consultations by appointment and on "baby time!" We understand that 10am may not be exactly 10am!)

Lactation Connection offers office-based fee-for-service breastfeeding consultations.

When questions and problems develop, breastfeeding isn't going smoothly, a consultation can often help solve issues that have developed or even prevent future problems. Even when things are going well, many mothers find that reinforcing and validating visits to a lactation consultant can be helpful.

Most consultations last about 1 1/2 hours with free phone follow up as well as the possibility of 1/2 hour mini-consultations in office for follow up.

Appointments are scheduled to coincide with your baby's feedings and considered on "baby time".

After your office visit, phone or email consultations are available at no charge, anytime, for simple questions and reassurance.

Shawn, Tammy & Grace Curtis Photo V. Honer by permission

This is how we all picture our new family - happy, smiling and everyone calm and collected. That is not the day-to-day reality of most new families with a newborn.