Baby Slings & Wrap Carriers

Ease pressure on your back and enjoy hands-free baby carrying

Lactation Connection has been the source for Over the Shoulder Baby Holder for over ten years.   Come in and try one on with your baby or "mine".  Every sling comes with its own DVD for further home instruction.

Other "sling" styles have come and gone but OSBH has consistently been a great performer for parents to use from newborn to toddlerhood.  The  cotton consturction comes with no worry about toxins, and a strength claim of 300 ibs.  (Since no one has had a 300 lb baby in the office, I can't vouch for this!)  This moderately priced sling can be used from newborn to toddler age.

There are always at least a dozen different designs in stock from which to choose.  They also come in S M and L to fit various body types.  Custom designed sizes are available for special order.

Photo by v. honer

Always a variety of colors/prints at Lactation Connection

Boba Wrap (formerly Sleepy Wrap)
Popularity of other traditional wraps has prompted the addition of the choice of this great product.  The cotton-blend wrap fits all sizes of Moms and is easy to wear. Choose solid color chocolate, olive, tan, black, red, pink etc.  Bring baby and get personal assistance on how to "wear" your baby.  Each wrap has an instruction booklet with additional "holds" to try. Website offers great information.