Python Game 2/Blender Game

This game is now ported to Blender Game Engine, Tree Models have been bumped up with better textures and poly count. The AI is a little better for the cops. And the levels are being built from the ground up. Hopefully this time I got the levels difficulty just right.

This is the game i developed for pyweek2. This time i could not find any partner to do the game along with me.. so i did it all by myself. It was really fun doing it all from the scratch. In all the games ive' done before.. i always downloaded the textures for the models that i used.. but not this time, This time i did not want to waste time searching for the textures.. instead i just drew them myself using gimp.


  • V.Vamsi Krishna (IIIT-H)

News about Transporter

BGE (Blender Game Engine) Version:

The Blender Port of Transporter is ready for download get it now :) oh and ya.. the link is same as what it was for the dev version. So don't worry too much about it.

This is still being changed and April 16th is the final deadline. But if you want here is the development version. This will be added to the downloads section below once it's complete.

Python Version:

gizmo_thunder was my name in the competetion.


  • This is the link to Latest(v1.2)source code of the game:

  • Windows binary can be downloaded from here

  • The Blender Port of Transporter is ready for download


The Menu of the Game Cops chasing you

The screen shot of the latest version.