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 Welcome to My Home Page, Im' V.Vamsi Krishna (BTech IIIT-Hyd, Ms/Research@IIIT-Hyd) currently working at AMD hyderabad as a Software Engineer.

Game DevResume @GoogleDocs, GPGPU Resume @GoogleDocs


  • Sat Sep 18 2010: Stardust(HTML5) is "ready". Check-out source code on noobix@google.code
  • Mon Sep 13 2010: Started working on porting stardust to browser.
  • Wed Aug 31 2010: Stardust2.0 code, win32 binary
  • Wed Aug 22 2010: Stardust uploaded for pyweek11. 
  • Wed Apr 15 2010: Code for SlidePuzzle updated. 32bit Linux binary up for download
  • Mon Apr 01 2010: Submitted FoxRun game for Pyweek10 3 days before deadline. :D
  • Sat Mar 28 2010: python implementation for 3dAnim for pyweek10
  • Thu Feb 18 2010: Created vkgamedev site for hosting all the games i developed.
  • Wed Feb 10 2010: Visit my blog for updates/news.
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For The People 

These are the links to pages that may be useful for other people :). These pages have been created using some matrieal i read on the net for working with my projects and my lisure work. If you find it useful do let me know about it :)


I've written quite a few games along with my friends during my Btech and Masters. Even now i keep working on games whenever i can, mostly for competitions because that would be a motivation for completing the game instead of abandoning midway through the dev. I've created a new website to ref all the games i've developed it's called vkgamedev do visit it.


Current Project

Currently im' working on creating a new simple to use ascii format for storing 3d animated models. I have been successful in implementing the blender exporter and a simple demo for showing how to load the model. All that is left now is to see how it fares when used in an actual game.. which ill' start working on shortly.

-Older Projects