Library Books

VVCC Library Books
Note: The following Library Books  may be checked out by any current member of Valley Vintage Car Club. Please attend the next club meeting and check them out.  
Automobile Quarterly Hardbound Magazine
(4 Per year 1961- current issue)
Historical / Pictorial:
A History Of Automobiles In North Dakota To 1911
American Cars
American Cars of the 1940s
American Cars of the 1950s
Aston Martin DB7 (A Legend Reborn)
Automobile Quarterly’s World of Cars
Automobiles as an Investment
    (What to Buy, How to Buy and What to Pay)
Plymouth Prowler Anatomy of a New American Roadster
Engines of Change a History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars
Medora Car Show 40th Anniversary History 1978 – 2017
80 Years of Cadillac – LaSalle
Cadillac Automobiles 1949-1959
Cadillac Automobiles 1960-1969
Cadillac Eldorado
Cadillac Identification Guide 1940-1984
Cadillac Photo Album 1948-1964
Standard Catalog of Cadillac 1903-1990
Car Guys vs. Bean Counters
Car Mascots (An Enthusiasts Guide)
Cars of The Fabulous ‘50s
100 Years of Chevrolet
Chevrolet Pickups
Corvair Affair
Corvair 1959-1968
The Complete History of Chrysler Corporation 1924-1985
Chrysler Muscle Cars
Dodge Plymouth and Chrysler Police Cars 1979-1994
Complete Handbook of Automobile Hobbies
Complete Book of Collectible Cars 1940-1980
Dickinson And The Automobile The Early Years 1903-1929
DODGEsee Chrysler Corp.
The Cars That Henry Ford Built  
The Ford Mustang 1964-1973  
General Motors The First Seventy-Five Years
Great Classic Cars of the World
Harrah’s Automobile Collection (Special Edition)
Imperial Palace Auto Collection
Ken Purdy’s Book of Automobiles
LASALLEsee Cadillac
Mack Model L Fire Trucks 1940-1954 Photo Archive
Menno Duerksen’s History of The Great American Classics
Modern American Muscle
Motor Sports (A Pictorial History)
Oldsmobile The First Seventy-Five Years
Old Time Autos In The Ads
PLYMOUTHsee Chrysler Corp.
Restore & Drive (Collectible Cars of Postwar America)
The American Automobile
The Centenary of The Car 1885-1985
The Complete Encyclopedia of The American Car
The Investors Illustrated Guide to American Convertible
And Special-Interest Automobiles 1946-1976
The Motorcycle World
The Treasury of The Automobile
Treasury of Early American Automobiles1877-1925
Auto Body Repairing And Repainting
Auto Detailing For Show And Profit
Automobile Sheet Metal Repair
Auto Restoration: From Junker To Jewel
Basic Body Work And Painting
Body Work And Painting
Car Spraying Made Easy
How To Make Your Car Handle
Inboard Motor Installations
Rust & Rot And What To Do About Them
The Auto Book (Second Edition)
The Nature of Boats
Thompson Repair and Tune Up Manuals  
Manuals for all makes and models of cars and trucks 1930s, 1940s to some early 1950s  
Ford Motor Company   
Repair and Service Manuals that cover Ford Lincoln and Mercury 1930s and 1940s  
General Interest:
Memories of Bygone Years (Honoring The Century)
The Verse By the Side of the Road (Burma Shave)
Reference Books: (Not for check-out)
Car Memorabilia Price Guide (1996 Edition)
Car Values (1985 Auction Prices Across The Nation)
Collision Estimator (1955-1967)
Hollander Interchange 16th Edition (1930s-1940s)
Hollander Interchange 23rd Edition (1940s-1950s)
The Production Figure Book for US Cars (1897-1972)
The Serial Number Book for US Cars (1900-1975)
The Specification Book for US Cars (1920-1929)