You can join the club during the general meeting on the third Tuesday of the month. Fill out the form below and bring it with your $15. You may also join by going to the Community Care office during regular hours. If you are interested in joining and want more information, please call the President.

DUES - Dues are $15 per person per year.


General Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the Month. The time will be posted on the Calendar page. Sometimes the meetings take the form of a lunch (either catered or pot luck) and entertainment is included. Sometimes it is a tea and either entertainment or speakers are part of the tea. Either way, a newsletter is placed on each table several times a year to let you know what is happening in the club.


Q: Who can join the Uxbridge Senior Citizens' Club (USCC)?

Any senior citizen (55 and over) may join our club

Q: What is the cost of membership in the USCC?

Membership costs $15.00 per year.

Q: Are there charges for individual activities?

Some activities charge one two or three dollars.

Q: When are the meetings ?

General meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at either noon or 1:00 depending on the type of General Meeting.

Q: When are elections held ?

Elections are held bi-annually in October. Terms of office are for two years.