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Useful Information for Seniors

Bruce Lovdal
Savvy Computer Solutions - 647-287-4903
Local, professional, personalized service including:
Networking, Repair, De-virusing, Tuneup, Sales, Installations
website: www.makeitsavvy.ca
email: info@makeitsavvy.ca
Vince's Market
234 Toronto Street South
Tel. 905-852-2442
Hours: Monday to Fri 8 AM to 9 PM
            Saturday 8 AM to 9 PM
            Sunday  8 AM to 7 PM
website:  www.vincesmarket.ca

Vince's Delivery Service
Vince's provides a delivery service directly to your home.  The cost is $15.  Since each Home Delivery is unique it is better to call and provide details about a specific request. They deliver on Mondays and Thursdays and your order needs to be in the previous day no later than 6:30pm. Simply call 905-478-8241 and ask for “Home Delivery” and they will be able to assist you further. Please note, they do have restrictions on where they can deliver, so please be sure to specify your location in the beginning to ensure they can fulfill your request.


Government Links:
Contact: Patty Knight if you would like to volunteer.  Her contact information is:
e-mail address patty@habitatdurham.com   Tel. 1-905-728-8831