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Ugonna's motivation, watchword, mission and motto is: Serving Humankind for Good

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In November 2007, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela gave Ugonna Wachuku a personally written and signed From Freedom to the Future appreciation and commendation for writing The Great Place: A Soulful Celebration of the Beautiful South African People: + NLSA: National Library of South Africa + Nelson Mandela University - with Ambassador Moosa Moolla as Special Envoy.   

Ugonna's new book is American Galaxy: Celebrating the People and the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave / Remembering the Union's Faith Foundation / A Loving Higher Purpose for the People: 
Agents, publishers and producers are warmly welcome to take on American Galaxy

Born on Wednesday 10 March, 1971 at Nbawsi, Isiala Ngwa North LGA: Local Government Area: Abia state, Nigeria to Sylvia Adaoha Egobuenyi Leah Wachuku: née Odu and Maduadighibeyanma Kennedy Wachuku, both historians, teachers and education administrators, Ugonna Onuabuchi Lugard Wachuku is a simple human being who spends most of his time writing, reading, serving and meditating on life, nature, love, compassion, empathy and the God given dignity and oneness of all humankind. 

Notably, Ugonna's maternal Grandparents were: Rachael Odu: née Orji and Amos Odu: Warrant Officer: British-Nigeria: Army: Burma Campaign: Second World War. Also, Ugonna's paternal Grandparents were: Queen Mercy Wachuku: née Chikwendu and King Josaiah Ndubuisi Wachuku

Ugonna Wachuku is a communications, sustainability, management, corporate social responsibility, IoTs: Internet of Things, partnerships, education, public relations, research, literature, humanities, social sciences, theatre, arts, media, culture, creativity, innovation, branding, global strategies, marketing, digital, events organization and international affairs maven; a creative writer and author; as well as a climate change action, peace, human rights, energy efficiency, responsible global trade, BoTs: Blockchain of Things, blockchain, good governance, emerging technologies, grassroots, food security, development, servant leadership, children's welfare, humanitarianism, sports, health, social justice and nature conservation advocate with commitment to ideals of the United Nations, etc. Mission: Serving Humankind for Good! Indeed, Ugonna is an outstanding creative soul of original and inspirational dimensions. 
Ugonna started creative writing at the age of 12 – his second year in high school. Having written over 700 poems collected in books; including: Galaxy of Wisdom, Passion of Pegasus, The First Catherine, The First Funmi, Oyidia, Akwaugo, Flanders' Fields, Homage to Geneva, The Road to Essertines, Hope for Dunblane, Tears of Yesterday, Gustav III and other Poems, Soulful Plea, American Galaxy - Celebrating the people and the land of the free and the home of the brave / A Loving Higher Purpose for the People; then, The Great Place – in soulful celebration of Nelson Mandela and the beautiful South African people.
5 novels, namely: The Combatants, Devil's Blood, Never to Die, Wrath of Demeter and Mission to Mars; 6 plays, namely: Ego Oku, Waiting for Pension, The Devil to Pay, Money to Burn, Catherine, Welcome to Africa; 2 children's stories, namely: Lost in the Jungle and Party in Heaven; 3 film scripts, namely: Thunder Strike, Battle of Tondibi and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, as well as numerous essays, articles and papers, radio interviews, readings, TV talks and literary contributions. Ugonna is now working on the publication of some of his books and the production of his film scripts in Baltimore, London, New York, California, Chicago, Sweden, Australia, South Africa, Geneva, Switzerland and Mexico City, Mexico. He is also writing Crystalball - a movie script and The World Wide - a dramatic epic.

Earlier, at 20, Ugonna had written The Dream: Another Reality - Global Message for Peace (414 pages), presently held by the UNESCO Culture of Peace Programme in Paris, France. In September 2009, Ugonna's blog titled: Wonderful Winds was awarded Best "Post of the Week" by the prestigious and distinguished San Francisco, CA: USA based the Red Room - - Where the Writers Are - now merged into Wattpad:

 Educationally, at a higher, global level, from January 1997 to January 2007, Ugonna did professional and personal research plus updates on information and communications technology, nature, health and the environment, public information, technology transfer and media trends at the Geneva, Switzerland based CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research into the Laws of Nature, Particle Physics, Outer Space and the Universe, etc.

 For primary school education, Ugonna attended Township School Umuakagu Nsu, Mbano LGA, Imo State, Nigeria: 1975-77, Central School Orieagu Nsu, Mbano LGA, Imo State, Nigeria: 1978-1980, and Community School Nbawsi, Isiala Ngwa North LGA, Abia State Nigeria: 1981. Ugonna subsequently attended Ngwa High School Aba, Abia State, Nigeria: 1982-1987. In High School, Ugonna was Founder and First President of the Press Club and also Library Prefect. He played football (soccer) and table tennis. He was awarded prizes as Best Behaved Student and Best Igbo Language Student. Ugonna graduated from High School with mostly Alpha grades in his study and examination subjects; namely: economics, history, English, literature, religious knowledge, Igbo, biological science, agricultural science, mathematics:- (certificate subjects); plus, generally: social studies, French, geography, chemistry, physics, fine arts and music.

After High School, Ugonna spent three years reading and writing fruitfully and travelling to know more about his bountifully huge country, Nigeria; - its diversely inspiring people with 500 languages represented within 250 ethnic groups and tribes - confirmed by a recent Cable News Network (CNN) research; as well as having interviews and talks concerning his creative works and communication, information and knowledge sharing through advocative, creative writing: These were on Television programmes such as: New Age" (NTA Channel 6, Aba, Nigeria), Young Generation (IBC TV Channel 59, Owerri, Nigeria). Ugonna's entrance into the University was to follow this creatively rewarding and life-changing three years. Interestingly, during this inspiringly worthwhile period, Dr. (Mrs) Catherine Obianuju Acholonu caringly served as Ugonna's uplifting creative mother, meaningfully. 

From the prestigious School of Humanities, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria, Ugonna took a Bachelor of Arts [Honours] Literature degree; plus Advanced English Composition: 1990-1995 - including courses in communications, information and media trends in discourse analysis, critical theory, history, peoples and culture, philosohpy of science, logic and philosophy, psychology, English language I&II, use of English, rhetorics and composition, drama, theatre, poetry, prose fiction, African epic, oral literature, creative writing workshop, copyright affairs, American literature, Caribbean literature, Commonwealth literature, English literature, English phonetics, phonology, introduction to computers, computer applications, research methods, stylistics, project and long essay, Shakespeare, Western, Eastern and Southern African literature, advanced English composition, etc.

For his degree thesis and research project, Ugonna did a comparative, creative and analytical study of Canadian and Commonwealth literature with the title: From Canadian Winter to Poetic Aesthetics.

 At the University, Ugonna, while in second year, lectured 1st year students on creativity and poetry. His University nick-name was "Prof." Ugonna held numerous positions at "God's own" Abia State University, notably: Associate Editor, Igba magazine, Editor, Student Union Government (SUG), Senator, Student Representative Council (SRC), President, English and Literature Students Association (ELSA), Speaker Assembly of Departmental Presidents (ADEP): here, members of the Assembly fondly called Ugonna "President of the Presidents", Chairman, Student Union Government (SUG) - a pragmatic and worthwhile position in which he had numerous working experiences with ambassadors of democratic countries to Nigeria for the purpose of promoting good governance, human rights, peace and raising democratic awareness in Abia State University and across the country. Ugonna was recognized by the Indian Government through the Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ambassador Lalit Mansingh who later moved to London, United Kingdom as High Commissioner. Mansingh subsequently served as India’s Ambassador to the United States of America.

As Chairman, Advisory Board of United Nations Information Centre / Nigeria United Nations Youth and Students Organization (NUNYSO) – another pragmatic and empirical position in which he participated in the promotion of United Nations' programmes, ideals and observances, Ugonna was to build on his diplomatic essence and style of political humaneness, and on his compassionate servant leadership endowment; plus his deep knowledge of United Nations affairs, which, apart from High School and University studies, including field experience, has its root from tutorials and practical lectures by his distinguished uncle: Senator Dr. Jaja Anucha Wachuku: , who was: First African Laureate in oratory of the Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, First Speaker of the Nigerian Parliament -ie- House of Representatives – receiving Nigeria's Instrument of Independence -ie- Freedom Charter, on October 1, 1960 from Princess Alexandra of Kent, the Queen of England's representative at the Nigerian Independence ceremonies; and on a 1960 United States tour as House Speaker, Jaja Wachuku was presented with the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Blue Seal and Key to the City of Atlanta Georgia, First Ambassador of Nigeria to the United Nations - hoisting Nigeria's flag as the 99th member of the United Nations on 7 October, 1960, First African Chairman of a United Nations Conciliation Commission, First Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations, later External Affairs, etc.

Concerning his distinguished uncle, Ugonna says: "In the late morning of Thursday, November 7, 1996, Jaja Anucha Wachuku went the way of all mankind. He was 78 having been born in 1918. I was devastated; but took firm courage knowing that within the depths of my soul lies the overwhelming inspiration and spirit of excellence and compassion which he gave my young life and being. Daily, by the second, I live with his humble life of love and achievement, his voice, his words and all that I learned from him. I'll fight on. I'll move ahead; if only to let him and humanity know that his trodden paths and life continue to touch mine deeply; just to reaffirm to him and humankind, that as Thomas Carlyle said: 'no great man lives in vain.' Therefore, in tribute to this distinguished uncle of mine – Jaja Anucha Wachuku - Pa'm Jaja, I must rise each new day with unwavering spirit of love, compassion, humility and excellence to be who I am created to be." Ugonna's poetic work titled: Some Memories Never Die is dedicated to his uncle: Jaja Anucha Wachuku; fondly called Pa’m Jaja.  

Starting from April 1996 to April 1997, Wachuku served as Coordinator of Internal Communications and Recreational Activities at Foyer Le Lagnon International Residence, Geneva, Switzerland. It was his tolerance, communications, external relations, human rights, partnerships, public relations, health, welfare and special events initiative for the humane and sustainable, organizational development of the Residence's people. He organized, managed and directed sports activities, especially table tennis and football [soccer] for refugees and asylum seekers from such countries as: Albania, Kosovo, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Georgia, Cambodia, Laos, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Burundi, Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia, Sierra Leone, etc. Recreational activities included community relations partnerships and football matches with such teams as: Swiss Air, Scotland, Rolex, other residences and educational institutions, such as: Centre de Lullier; including École d'horticulture: School of Horticulture, École de fleuriste: Florist School and HEPIA – Haute École du Paysage, d'Ingénierie et d'Architecture: High School of Landscape Architecture and Engineering.

From January 1997 to December 1998, Wachuku was a Communications and Human Rights Consultant at the South African Mission to the United Nations in Geneva: Switzerland, when Jacob Sello Selebi was Ambassador and Permanent Representative as well as Chairman of the 1998 United Nations Human Rights Commission 54th Session. And also Chairman of the Oslo Diplomatic Conference held from 1 to 19 September, 1997. Wachuku serve in areas of humane policy implementation; and analyzed global issues pertaining to human rights, disarmament, landmines eradication, conflict prevention, humanitarian affairs, diplomacy, healthcare, democracy, environment, housing, media relations, arts, culture, good governance, educational empowerment and socio-economic development. Consequently, for the South African Mission to the United Nations, Wachuku elaborated and contextualized on the work and mission of the UN and UN agencies; and how the highly essential internet and information plus communications technology revolution can help the United Nations and all humankind better respond to pressing global issues, proactively.

From December, 1998 to February 2003, Ugonna served in the field of communications research on policy, curriculum development, peace, human rights, democracy, education, culture, humanitarianism, tolerance, public information trends, development, the environment, health/ HIV/AIDS issues, food security and education for conflict prevention and social responsibility, learning, children’s welfare and the environment at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-International Bureau of Education [UNESCO-IBE] Geneva, Switzerland. More focus was on: policy, communications and curriculum development research on The Four Pillars of Education: Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Be and Learning to Live Together; including peace, health, HIV/AIDS, human rights, democracy, public education, culture, humanitarianism, tolerance, public information trends, funding for sustainable development, the environment, food security and education for conflict prevention and corporate social responsibility. 

From 3 March 2003 to 30 June 2010, Wachuku served as Communications Adviser plus Global Strategies, Partnerships, Public Information, Research, Policy, human welfare, Public Relations, World Wide Web and New Media Consultant to the 32nd President of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) General Conference headquartered in Paris, France; including the Permanent Delegate and Ambassador of Nigeria to UNESCO plus Permanent Delegation of Nigeria to UNESCO. Some initiatives included global communications, public information and media outreach support of the L’Oreal-UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science Awards as well as United Nations Literacy Decade, the Daimler-UNESCO Mondialogo and the UNESCO Confucius Literacy Prize; plus globally creating brand awareness of UNESCO's service to humankind - in addition to empowering new valuable and creative, strategic partnerships - public, corporate and private sector - with proactive vision and long term upholding of that institutional "building peace in the minds of mankind"​ mission for the Presidency of UNESCO's General Conference and UNESCO as an organization, etc. 

Also, in January 2009, Wachuku started serving as Communications, Branding, Partnerships, Marketing and Image Selling Adviser, English - to Cruz Azul Football Club Mexico City Assistant Coach and Technical Director: Enrique Maximiliano Meza Salinas; including research, analysis, writing and editing English language biography entries and media photos for Mexico’s globally renonwed, long-standing, distinguished football [soccer] Coach and Manager: Enrique Meza (Ojitos); as well as for Enrique Maximiliano Meza, his son: + plus serving as CONCACAF: Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football - English speaking Caribbean countries sports and football communications manager and contact for Enrique Maximiliano Meza, Jr., and also coordinating the logistics, communications, budget and transfer of identified, promising footballers from West Africa to Mexico for trials, etc.  
On 23 July 2010, Wachuku became Advisor: Communications, Research, Networks and Global Business Strategies at Guidepoint Global - a New York, USA headquartered primary research firm that provides investors and business decision makers with on-demand access to its worldwide network of experts on all fields of human endeavour. 

And since October 2013, Wachuku has been doing selfless communications, branding and public affairs consultancy for Siemens Mexico in: healthcare, power generation, medical technology, communication systems, technology, industrial and buildings automation, lighting, railway vehicles, water treatment systems, home appliances, fire alarms and PLM software - as part of creating their public digital image in Mexico for more business and profit through communications, digital branding, CSR, engagement and public affairs:   

From Tuesday 11 November 2014, at the Jewish Atid Foundation and College at the Maguen David Center, in Mexico City: Mexico, Ugonna became a Theatre Professor plus Theatre Communications Lead Director; including workshops, public relations, branding, media and special events plus creative script writing for drama, video production and theatrical presentations, etc. Wachuku wrote, rehearsed and directed staged drama and theatre presentations - such as: Pillars of Education, Humanity United as One, Different Colours, Traditions Around the World, A Long Way Home and The World is in Our Hands. Also, note Wachuku's creative authorship of Different Colours, One People theatrical in entertainment and educational communications for the Habima Theatre Festival: + This service ended in June to August 2015 range. 

And subsequently, Ugonna was in Geoffrey Onyeama transition from September 2015; and practically started serving from February 2016, as Global Communications Adviser to the Honourable Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nigeria: His Excellency: Geoffrey Onyeama: + - working globally from Mexico City: DF: Mexico. Role: Proactively, creatively and relevantly utilizing world-class communications platforms, advising and acting on public engagement, communications trends, poverty reduction, diplomacy, justice, human rights, good governance, United Nations, SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals, projects, world wide web, systems technology, research, blockchain, IoTs, emerging technologies, programs, digital copyright affairs, media outreach, public relations, digital competitive analysis, mobile and biosemiotics communications – aesthetics, meaning, message targeting, interpretation, stylistics and branding through excellent RBM: Results Based Management. Tasks: 1: Proactive public engagement, research, public information content creation, writing, editing, images, visuals, branding and handling of communications technologies plus relevant social systems, diplomatic programs and project management to outstanding global standards on: digital communications coordination, social media communications engagement, electronic data usability, text and media articles, ommunications coaching, media relations outreach, audio and radio communications, mobile communications, video and television communications, speech communications, information documentation, digital feedback management, reports, updates and public affairs, world wide web sites monitoring, government relations, NGOs: Non-Governmental Organizations relations and cisis communications, etc. 2: Harnessing Emerging Public Engagement, Research and Communications trends on: Technologies, Poverty Reduction, United Nations, Global Goals, Africa, SDGs, Nigeria, World, Commonwealth, Foreign Affairs, Latin America, North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, Caribbean, Digital, Media, Diplomacy, Economy, Security, Good Governance, Human Rights, Justice, Development, Branding, Sustainability, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Corporate Affairs and other public engagement, research, communications, media relations and information technologies duties that may be assigned by the HMFA: Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, etc.    

Commendably, Ugonna's environmental protection and nature conservation advocacy work - Nature's Cry was published in the book: In Our Own words: A Generation Defining itself Volume 3 released in North Carolina, USA, in January 2001. Interestingly, the late, outstanding Professor Donatus Ibeakwadalam Nwoga described Ugonna Wachuku as "a young Creative Writer of vast achievements."

The Creative Writer and Author actively plays football (soccer) and table tennis weekly. Ugonna also enjoys meeting people, networking, building multicultural alliances and making friends, boat-riding, nature walks, telling children stories, cooking, nature study, drama, movies and theatre; plus music and arts appreciation; including reading biographies and autobiographies; some of his favourites being Conrad Hilton's Be My Guest and Frederik Willem de Klerk's The Last Trek - A New Beginning; as well as Gandhi by Louis Fischer, The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. edited by Professor Clayborne Carson and Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela's Long Walk to FreedoM. Some of Ugonna's favourite quotes include:

"I am the vine. You are the branches. If a man remains in me, he will bear much fruit..."
~ Jesus Christ.

"We have flown in the air like birds and have swum the sea like fishes, but we have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers and sisters... Love is the most durable power in all the world".
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The true fruits of successful living are not material. They are contentment, the joy of usefulness, growth through the fulfillment of a particular talent. Viewed this way, God is always on the side of success for the objective of fulfilling a talent He gave, and which He will support and maintain".
~ Conrad N. Hilton

"We have completed a great spiritual trek. We are ready for a new beginning... It was an emotional moment. I congratulated Mr. Mandela. I said that I was holding out my hand to him in friendship and in co-operation. When I finished my speech, I had tears in my eyes..."
~ Frederik Willem de Klerk

Above all, the life, words, actions and the unwaveringly loving and compassionate person of Jesus serves as Ugonna's motivation on a daily basis!

Ugonna is married to Alejandra [nee Hernandez Gudino] from Coyoacan: Mexico City: Distrito Federal: Mexico. His epic poetic tribute to Alejandra is titled: Morning Dews: From Geneva: Switzerland; in Mexico City on Thursday 19 April, 2007, Alejandra gave birth to hers and Ugonna's baby girl. Their baby's name is Ezichi, an Igbo name meaning: Good Caring God Almighty. Ugonna’s mother: Sylvia Ada Wachuku, whom Ezichi is her first grand-child, fondly calls her Chiazalam; meaning: God has answered me.  
The author has two inspiring and loving younger brothers: Uchenna Obinwanne Wachuku - (b: 2 March, 1972: Married to Aliji Esther, 29 December, 2002; their daughter: Chimamada Sylvia was born on 12 November 2014 in Atlanta: Georgia: United States of America; and the one he calls "Senior Prefect:" Ikenna Ndidi Wachuku - (b: 22 October, 1973: Married to Ijeoma, 1 March, 2003); and their G-D's miracle baby twins: Boy: Chinonso and Girl: Kelechi were born on 10 March 2017 in Lubbock: Texas: United States of America. His recent poetry book Gustav III is dedicated to these two splendid brothers of his whom he describes as "fine, handsome gentlemen of invaluable worth, courage, humaneness and dignity - overflowing with streams of love and compassionate care." And constantly, Ugonna says: "If I had to choose my siblings again, I'll still choose Uchenna and Ikenna." His work titled: Binding Blood is dedicated to Uchenna, his immediate younger one.

Since March, 1996, Ugonna has been living in Geneva, Switzerland. He also resides in Mexico City, Mexico. He is a member of the Adventist Fellowship Geneva (AFG); including Geneva English Drama Society (GEDS); and also the New York, USA based Environmental Defense; as well as Associate Members of The Royal British Legion, Literature for Peace Forum, Israel and the Menlo Park, California based - "the Number one Environmental Network for a healthy planet and healthy living". Wachuku is also part of the United Kingdom based i-genius global network of people who want to make a difference; and are making the world a better place by helping others and their wider communities in terms of inspiring practical social change through commercial or non-profit entrepreneurial innovations and investments.   

Ugonna's radio talks on communications, creativity, global issues, his personal relationship with Jesus Christ; plus public affairs include interviews (1997 and 2000) on the long-standing programme: Freely Speaking hosted by US International Journalist, Gina Lewis. Freely Speaking is broadcast on Radio 74: 88.8FM, Archamps, France and Geneva, Switzerland; and heard across Europe, North Africa and North America and around the whole world through the airwave and live streaming on the internet. 

November 2006, saw a commendation and appreciation letter to Ugonna Wachuku from Ban Ki-moon; then South Korea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade plus United Nations Secretary-General Designate. Mr. Ban is presently the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations.

In December 2006, Wachuku became Associate at Orah Group: Orah Investments and Swiss Venture Capital company that creates enterprises plus value added jobs through partnerships in the development of Information and communications Technologies business incubators plus fostering knowledge and talent based companies to achieve excellence and success for the betterment of our world.

To explain the meaning of his name, hear Ugonna:

"My name: Ugonna means Eagle of God or Eagle of the Father. Like my essence-sakes amongst God's incredible creations, I am wonderfully made to soar and achieve with keen vision and caring strength in humility and respect for my fellow human beings.   

Indeed, I love my name so much because it creatively inspires my life in a powerful but humble manner. There is an enriching and compassionate beauty of the spirit within the depths of my soul. I am very grateful to my parents for giving me such an inspiring name.” 
Notably, Ugonna Wachuku is an enthusiastic, committed, visionary and web savvy communications, servant leadership, global strategies, theatre, education, public information, international relations, partnerships, sustainability, external relations, research, management, media outreach, events organization, corporate social responsibility and public affairs expert; an author and creative writer; a nature conservation, sustainable, human and economic development, healthcare plus HIV/AIDS care and prevention, technological enablement, peace, sports, human rights, tolerance and equity, representative democracy, cultural survival, environmental protection, biodiversity, food security, humanitarianism, poverty eradication, landmines elimination, disarmament, good governance and conflict prevention, management and educational advancement maven - with superior original creative writing, editing, proof reading, supervisory, coaching, emotional intelligence and excellent research skills; plus servant leadership, university systems coordination, cross sector partnering, team oneness, people alliances, special events organization and marketing, media outreach, CBOs, NGOs, NPOs, CSOs, HBOs, SCOs and government relations, corporate alliances, public relations, project management, message targeting, fund sourcing, talking points, knowledge sharing, strategic human communications, dynamic bridge building, human welfare proactive advocacy, stewardship, risk and stress overcoming psychology, tactful diplomatic, collaborative and political astuteness skills - solidly built on unwavering empathy, creative excellence, communication for people empowerment, education for development plus social justice, human freedom, global communications, digital age, business development, reputation, business intelligence, branding, smart data, creativity, innovation, marketing, public relations, emerging technologies, BoTs: Blockchain of Things, AI: Artificial Intelligence, IoTs: Internet of Things, blockchain technology, media outreach, project management, sustainability, internal communications, external communications, crisis communications, digital communications, multimedia, research, empathy, CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility, messaging, intraprenuership, sustainable development, environment, entrepreneurial spirit, education, digital, emotional intelligence, nonlinear thinking, creative writing, community empowerment, internet, world wide web, social intelligence, public affairs, social media, advocacy, market access strategies, thought leadership, critical analysis, collaboration, changemaking and partnerships; as well continuos learning for knowledge generation plus knowledge sharing.