Ugonna Wachuku

Serving Humankind for Good

Beloved Fellow Humankind:

With empathy, let me, gladly, welcome you to my sustainability, partnerships, creativity, innovation and communications hub where: Serving Humankind for Good is one's mission and motivation on this challenging earthly journey called life.

Please, note that links on left and right parts of this page will take you to other sites of mine or to external sites related to my Serving Humankind for Good; in professional excellence, creativity, innovation, empathy, impact and sustainability.

Standing beside Manship Sphere in front of United Nations Complex Geneva: Switzerland. Below, I was at a March 1994 Matriculation Ceremony for fresh students; during my 1993-1994 service as President: Government of the Student Union: Abia State University.

Feel at home here. And GOD bless you abundantly, indeed. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time on my Global Communications Hub within World Wide Web.

With love and very good wishes:

Ugonna Wachuku

Creative Communications + Global Strategies = UW

[C] Ugonna Wachuku: 1971 - 2171: Earth: Solar System

"I am the vine. You are branches. If a man remains in me, he will bear much fruit..." Jesus Christ

"True fruits of successful living are not material. They are contentment, the joy of usefulness, growth through the fulfillment of a particular talent. Viewed this way, God is always on the side of success for the objective of fulfilling a talent He gave, and which He will support and maintain." Conrad N. Hilton


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